​Fence Staining and Painting Services for the DC Metro Area.

​Fence Staining and Painting Services for the DC Metro Area.

Fence Staining Step One: Always Start with a Clean Surface

With any exterior wood staining or painting project, the prep work is extremely important. It can be tempting to rush over this stage, maybe because it is the least rewarding visually. After your hours of effort, the same old fence or deck is still sitting there. However, these hours of prep translate into years of weather protection for your deck or fence.

These techniques also apply to wood exteriors and windows. Often contractors that bid renovation projects in the DC Metro area encounter historic homes, or older homes that have their own unique style and decorative exterior wood trim.

Frequently the easiest solution is to replace the exterior wood with new windows or modern materials that do not deteriorate in moisture. However, we understand there are situations where you want to keep the historic look of your house. Even though that may mean several days of prep work and cleaning, it will be worth it to preserve the look and feel of your home.

If your fence was painted, not stained, no problem. However, the preparation time may take longer than simply refinishing an existing stain.

Fence Staining Step Two: Use Quality Materials

The scenarios your stained fence will encounter are infinitely varied as every home is different. Our estimators have the experience to walk you through the specific factors that are important to consider, including which type of wood you have, how much exposure there is to sunlight or moisture, traffic (or frequency of use), and recommended products.

When staining a fence or deck, there are oil-based stains, like Cetol® SRD Prolix Wood Finishes (e.g. this stain here).

However, there are also great acrylic stains like Woodscapes® Exterior Acrylic House Stain, and 48 different stain colors available in Deckscapes® Exterior Color Deck Stain.

If you have questions about which products to choose, give us a call. We are always glad to share whatever experience we have with you.

Fence Staining Step Three: DIY or Call a Professional

When you’ve properly prepared the wood surface and selected the best stain or paint for your situation, the rest is simple: put them together! You will find the following tools helpful if you're doing the work yourself:

Or, you can always call us and not stress about any details except color choice and what to make for dinner.

Looking for a Fence Staining or Deck Painting Contractor in the DC Metro Area?

We are pleased to serve the communities around the Northern Virginia and DC metro area with our experience in all aspects of exterior painting, including fence staining and renovating wood trim.

Like we mentioned before, give us call if you have any questions and would like advice or assistance.

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