What Finish Should I Use on My Kitchen Table in Northern Virginia?

What Finish Should I Use on My Kitchen Table in Northern Virginia?

While there are many products available, in our opinion nothing beats a conversion varnish for creating a tough, long-lasting and non-sticky wood surface.

What Is a Conversion Varnish?

Similar to lacquer and durable clear coat products, conversion varnish has a higher concentration of solids in the mixture and also requires a “catalyst” to start the chemical reaction that hardens the coating.

The varnish should be sprayed on with the surrounding area carefully taped off. There are attachments like the 3M Paint Preparation System available for homeowners and individuals to attach to air pressure tanks and apply the spray coat at home.

For larger projects such as bar tables, restaurant seating, and public benches, it would be better to have access to professional equipment.

What Finish Should I Use on My Kitchen Table? Why Conversion Varnish?

The benefits of a conversion varnish include:

• Durability -The 2-stage process of hardening creates a firm coat; on a scale of 1–10, it is a 10 in hardness.

• Non–sticky - Perhaps you have been to a restaurant or bar where your receipt sticks to the wooden table or bar top, and even though it is clean there is a slight tackiness to the wood. Or when you set your cup down there is a slight stick when you lift it back up. These are not caused by cleanliness issues but by the wrong wood finish for the situation.

• Long Lasting - The hardness and polish of the conversion varnish give it a healthy life span even in high traffic areas. When considering which coating to use to finish high volume or busy wood surface areas, you should definitely consider products like Mohawk's Ultra Clear or Lenmar's MegaVar ® Plus.

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