4 Tips For Paint Color Harmony

4 Tips For Paint Color Harmony

Harmony. It is such a happy word, associated with smooth musical notes, cohesion and all things working together. When it comes to interior decorating, harmony is something everyone wants to achieve in their home. It takes a little practice, but by learning to use paint colors, textiles and textures correctly, you’ll have your Washington, DC area home putting out a smooth, cohesive vibe before you know it.

To point you in the right direction, our painters have put together 4 helpful painting tips for creating cohesive paint color flow.

Start With The Basics

Gone are the days of “matchy-matchy” color schemes where everything is mauve and turquoise. Eclectic is in, but that does not necessarily mean that anything goes. There is still a trick to creating cohesive flow and to pull it off you need to understand what is at work creating the visual style in your home. Start by ensuring that the interior paint on your trim is the same as it moves through your home. This is a color that frames each room and connects each room, mismatched trim will break up your space. Next, pay attention to the colors and patterns currently at play in your space, rugs, furniture and knick knacks as they are all a part of your color flow. Be strategic with your large ticket items, and choose colors that will be team players no matter where you place them.

All In The Family

One easy way to ensure that the wall paint in your home flows well from room to room is to select paint colors from the same color family. Once you’ve decided on a color, vary it by using darker and lighter shades throughout your home. You can use similar accent colors in each room or mix it up by giving each room a signature accent color. Either way you go, the foundation of cohesive wall paint will ensure a color-harmonious home.

Build A Color Team

Start by choosing three or four paint colors you love that work well together, then alternate how you use them in each room. For example, say you love aqua, gray and yellow. Paint your living room gray with yellow and aqua accents, paint your kitchen yellow with gray and aqua accents, and do your powder room in aqua, adding in yellow hand towels and gray tile. This way, your colors will flow throughout your space and work in harmony while adding a fresh and unique ambiance in each room.


Most paint brands have ready-made paint color schemes, guaranteed to work well in your Northern, VA home and flow cohesively from room to room. If you are looking to repaint an entire home, either all at once or room by room, this is an option that takes all the guesswork out of choosing paint colors.

There you have it, everything you need to select paint colors that will connect your space and create harmonious color flow. If you still need a little help in the paint color department, call our in-house color expert for some extra advice. Or, if you have your paint colors nailed down, schedule an estimate today and allow our team of painters to cover your Fairfax, VA home with a dreamy new color scheme.

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