5 Tips For Choosing Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom

5 Tips For Choosing Paint Colors To Transform Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most necessary rooms in your Arlington, VA home and yet arguably one of the most difficult to decorate. Choosing paint colors for your bathroom is no easy task. You want something that will accentuate the assets of your space while creating an ambiance that jives with your interior design ideas.

Fortunately with a little know-how and these five painting tips from our professional painters, you can select wall paint that will have you smiling every time you walk through the door.

Lighting Is King

Nothing messes with the perfect paint color as much as wonky lighting. Many bathrooms are small and lack natural light, making color selection difficult. The artificial, overhead lighting of your bathroom can make a paint color you loved in the store appear dreadful on your walls. To counteract this, be sure to try out your samples and swatches in your bathroom and allow yourself a little time to ponder and reflect before giving your final answer. If you are on the fence, select light paint colors that will reflect available light and give you a more open feeling.

What Do You Want Your Bathroom To Say?

Are you hoping for a spa bathroom you can retreat to at the end of a long day? Or, are you picking paint colors for a fresh and trendy powder room? Whatever your mood, the paint color you choose will do the bulk of the work in communicating it. For a tranquil feeling, consider natural neutrals and for something fresher and more fun, give brighter colors or even patterned wallpaper a try.

Harmony and Flow

You want a bathroom that flows with the interior design ideas you’ve used in the rest of your space. For example, if you are decorating your Washington, DC master bathroom, select colors and decor that allows the bathroom to feel like an extension of your bedroom. The same holds true for a hall powder room. Create spaces that feel as though they flow into each other.

Break Up The Fight (Before It Starts)

Given the lighting challenges in many bathrooms, you want to make sure that your selected wall paint color does not fight with the flooring and fixtures already in your bathroom. You want the colors and patterns in your bathroom to compliment and enhance each other, creating a cohesive look. To achieve this, look at your space as a whole, from wood grain to nuanced tile colors.

Finish Strong

Most bathrooms see a lot of moisture resulting from steamy showers and wet hands. As such, you will want to select a wall paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish. This will protect your walls and ensure that your newly-styled bathroom does its job for years to come.

Not only do we have a staff of knowledgeable professional painters, but we have paint color consultants available in our design center as well. If you are struggling to find direction for your Arlington, VA bathroom renovation, give us a call. We would love to give you the bathroom you are dreaming of, even if you do not know what that is...yet.

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