6 Painting Ideas To Refresh Your Trim, Moulding and Woodwork

6 Painting Ideas To Refresh Your Trim, Moulding and Woodwork

If you do a quick survey of your Arlington, VA living room or dining room, your trim or woodwork may not be the first thing you notice. But, whether you acknowledge it or not, your trim is doing some heavy lifting when it comes to framing and defining the architecture of your room. Dark or chipped trim instantly brings a room down, causing it to feel dated. Even the most vibrant and trendy paint colors cannot shine when they are flanked by beat up baseboards and door frames.

An easy, cost-effective way to freshen up any room in your home is to show your trim work some love with a fresh coat of interior paint.

Here are six painting ideas and guidelines from our professional painters on updating the trim, crown moulding and woodwork in your Washington, DC area home.

White And Bright

While there are many options when it comes to paint color selection for your interior woodwork, white is usually your best bet. Using white or off white interior paint on your moulding and baseboards will provide you a clean, solid framework that makes the other colors and textures in your room pop.

Find Your Finish

When it comes to selecting the finish for your baseboards and trim, we suggest using a semi gloss interior paint for an easy to clean, durable coat that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Since your woodwork does not take up too much real estate, you will likely not notice the shine and will appreciate the durability.

Repair Or Replace

Sadly, some trim is beyond repair or was installed so poorly that it is not worth salvaging. If this is the case, consider replacing it with white or beautifully stained trim that corresponds with the original design of your home or the home decorating style you are aiming for.

The Wonders Of Wood

Not all wood trim has to be painted white to work within the framework of modern interior decorating. You can achieve the style you are hoping for while allowing your wood’s natural color and quality to shine. To work with your existing wood tones, consult with a home decorating pro or carefully research paint color palettes that will work with your wood to create a natural, cohesive flow.

Do Not Forget Your Doors

While you are updating your door frames and baseboards, you would be remiss not to freshen up your doors in the process. After all, your snappy new trim needs something beautiful to frame. You can update your doors by using the same paint color used on your trim, or add visual interest by painting interior doors with surprising paint colors that flow with your design aesthetic.

Character And Charm

Nothing adds character and charm to your home like quality crafted wood trim and crown moulding. Your woodwork can be one of your home’s greatest assets. Whether you are installing new trim or updating and restoring the classic, original trim in your older home, this is one investment that will increase the value and beauty of your Arlington, VA home.

Here at Williams we are passionate about restoring and installing woodwork that will accentuate your home’s unique architecture and style. We can help you refresh your home’s trim whether you are starting from scratch or bringing your Arlington, VA home back to its former glory. Our professional painters are experts in carpentry and interior painting. Call us today to schedule an estimate for any paint job you have in mind.

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