Finish Strong: How to Choose The Perfect Commercial Wall Paint Finish

Finish Strong: How to Choose The Perfect Commercial Wall Paint Finish

Your Washington, DC commercial property is an investment; one that you want to maintain and protect. Perhaps you own an apartment building that tenants call home, or maybe you are a small business owner looking for quality contract work that will flex around your busy schedule.

Whatever the nature of your commercial property, when it comes time to have it painted you need quality painters who work professionally with minimal interruption. Here at Williams, we can offer you exactly that. Our painters work seamlessly with our commercial clients, applying the best finishes for both interior and exterior paint jobs while providing complete respect for the day to day activities of the property.

If you are wondering what wall paint finish is most appropriate for your next commercial painting project, here are a few things you should know:

Shine = Durability

Paint finishes operate on a scale of flat to glossy, and as you move up the scale, the amount of shine in your interior paint increases. As shine increases, so does your ability to scrub and spot-clean your walls. Matte or flat paint is a warm, zero gloss finish that is difficult to clean; any scrubbing will remove this type of wall paint. Glossy, on the other hand, is the shiniest and most durable wall paint.

As you ponder which finish is right for you, ask yourself how often this wall will need to be washed or wiped down.

Flat or Matte

This zero gloss option is affordable and easy to apply, but nearly impossible to clean. If you are looking to repaint a board room or executive office, flat interior paint can be an appropriate choice. If, on the other hand, your space sees a decent amount of daily traffic, go with a more durable finish.


This finish is a bit more durable than flat paint but it still keeps the shine factor to a minimum. Eggshell provides a great wall paint choice for light-use spaces such as insurance agencies and church classrooms.


This is one of the most popular interior paint finishes we apply and for good reason; it falls smack dab in the middle of the shininess scale and offers minimal reflection with a durable finish.

Semi-Gloss & Glossy

These shiny finishes are the optimal choices for a paint job demanding maximum durability. Commercial spaces such as hair salons, restaurants, bathrooms and day care centers see heavy wear and tear via water, food and sticky fingers. If yours is a high-traffic area that sees its fair share of splatter, semi-gloss or glossy are your go-to choices for a lasting paint job.

So, now that you are a paint finish expert you are ready to refresh your Northern, VA commercial property with a durable new look sure to please tenants and drive business. If you are still stuck choosing paint colors, give our professional color consultant a call. She can help you refresh or rebrand your commercial space, advising on everything from on point paint colors to ideal exterior paint color schemes.

If you already have colors in mind, set up an estimate today and see why Williams is your best call for commercial painting, carpentry and more.

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