Exterior Home Care in the Spring - What You Need to Know

 Exterior Home Care in the Spring - What You Need to Know

There is nothing like springtime to put an extra bounce in our step and a breath of fresh air in our lungs! Whether you are into hiking or jogging, or you just love to sit and enjoy the outdoors, it is a lovely time to do so! The spring is also a natural time for us to look at our home exteriors, giving attention to the items that need care, cleaning or repair. What is the maintenance your home exterior needs this spring? How is your exterior paint doing?

What Your Home Exterior Needs in the Spring

Pressure Washing: After the winter months, most of our homes can use a good washing. Here in the Washington, D.C. area, our siding and trim tend to get a bit dingy. A gray or green layer of mildew may be present, especially on the northern side of the home, but we are also likely to have a layer of grime everywhere from pollen, dirt, and airborne pollutants.

The most thorough, efficient way to freshen up your home exterior is with a professional power washer. It is best to begin by applying a fungicidal spray that will kill unseen mildew and mold spores. Then, a careful pressure washing will erase the surface discoloration, restoring your home to its full shine!

Exterior Paint and Caulk: In northern Virginia and the D.C. area, most homes can go 5-7 years between full exterior repaints. However, in many cases, there are areas that need touch up every year or two, so that little problem areas do not become large ones!

The seams around your windows and doors are sealed with caulk, and this can grow brittle or split over time. If your caulk has suffered like this, it is important to re-caulk those gaps before water and pests cause bigger issues.

Also, your exterior paint should not be cracking, peeling, or bubbling anywhere. If you see these early signs of paint failure, your local painting company can treat the problems early, preventing major problems from developing.

Waterproofing for Decks and Exterior Wood: Your deck may need a new waterproof coating, or it may need new paint or stain. If water beads up on the surface, your wood is in great shape, but if it seeps into the wood quickly, you are in danger of wood rot.

Before applying any new coatings, it is vital to clean the deck thoroughly, and to let it dry. If the deck needs stain, this comes next, and then the waterproof coating finishes the job.

Williams Professional Painting

If you love outdoor home maintenance projects, then this stuff is a walk in the park for you! However, if you'd rather be walking in the park, and let someone else take care of these projects, then Williams Professional Painting is ready to serve! While you enjoy the delights of spring, we can clean your siding, refresh your caulking, and tackle those exterior painting issues for you.

With Williams professional Painting, you get peace of mind knowing your home is being taken care of by experts who pay attention to every detail. Our craftsmen emphasize personalized customer service and exceptional workmanship.

For a free estimate for your exterior paint and maintenance needs, contact Williams Professional Painting today! In addition to exterior painting and pressure washing, we also offer carpentry, interior painting, kitchen cabinet refinishing, and much more. We look forward to working with you!

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