Perfect Paint Colors and Painting Tips For Your Arlington, VA Commercial Space

Perfect Paint Colors and Painting Tips For Your Arlington, VA Commercial Space

When choosing a new paint color scheme for your commercial space, there are many items you will want to consider. It is essential that you create the right ambiance for your employees, customers, or tenants. Choose interior decorating ideas that will compliment your brand and create a space that grows and changes with your Washington, DC area business.

Color selection can make or break your commercial space. The right paint colors will communicate your message clearly, while the wrong colors may send the opposite message.

To help you out, we have put together a list of five painting tips for your commercial space.

Consider Your Clientele

What are you hoping to communicate to your clients or guests through the interior design ideas and paint colors used in your commercial space? For example, in a restaurant you may want your decor to read clean and trendy, while in an insurance office you want to project security and professionalism.

Incorporate Your branding

You will want your commercial space to reflect your brand, when appropriate, utilizing accents and images that reflect your product, logo and style. Your commercial space or property needs to add to your customer’s experience and be a place they look forward to returning to.

Mood And Tone

Color goes a long way in setting the mood and tone of your commercial space. Consider what you want your employees, tenants or customers to feel when selecting your wall paint color. For example, blue and green can be good choices for busy office environments, as they bring a sense of calm. On the other hand, red may not be the best color for restaurants as it can act as a stop sign which slows down ordering desserts and drink refills.

Wear And Tear

It is essential that your paint and flooring choices hold up to the daily routine of your business. When selecting paint finishes and wall paint, be sure to choose only those that will stand the test of time and ensure your business will feel professional and clean long into the future.

Lighting And Location

Even the most popular paint colors fail in certain spaces because of lighting and location. Take the natural light of your commercial space or business into consideration when making interior decorating choices. Think about your physical location as well; if you are located near one of Arlington, VA ‘s lovely parks or wooded areas, a natural color scheme may be a good fit.

The best choice you can make when planning a redesign of your Arlington, VA commercial space is to consult a professional designer to help you through the process. We have a designer on staff to assist you with all the interior design ideas and decisions you will face when planning a fresh, functional, and modern new look for your commercial space or property.

We are the obvious choice when considering a commercial redesign for your Washington, DC or Arlington, VA area property. Not only do we use the highest quality materials and painting tools, but our professional painters will work around your schedule, ensuring you a high quality result with minimal interruption.

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