Feeling Flat? How About a Glossy Ceiling? Ceiling Painting Advice

 Feeling Flat? How About a Glossy Ceiling? Ceiling Painting Advice

There are certain things that are so common, we just tend to accept them as normal. Cars have four tires, birds have feathers, and ceilings are painted with flat white paint. Does it have to be that way? Do ceilings have to be flat white, or are there other options? Can you use glossy paints on ceilings?

While there are many good reasons for painting a ceiling flat white, it is not the only option. In fact, we recently completed this interior painting project in the Washington, D.C. region, and as you can see in the photos above and below, the crown of the project is the high-gloss ceiling!

When Can You Use Glossy Paints on the Ceiling?

Paints that have sheen, or reflectiveness, to them, naturally draw the eye. Glossy paints attract attention to the surfaces on which they are applied. This means that you only want to use them on ceilings that you really want to turn into a showpiece. Here are a few characteristics that might define such a room:

Shape: If you want to turn people's attention to the ceiling, it needs to be one with pleasing lines and proportions. It should basically be symmetrical, without any intruding or irregular features interrupting the architecture.

Part of the shape is also the degree of separation from other adjoining spaces. A self-contained room is one that is (or can be) closed off from all nearby rooms. This is important for using glossy paints on the ceiling, since otherwise the contrast between the glossy and non-glossy ceilings would be jarring.

Style: Glossy paints create a showy, modern look. They can work well with a highly-formal traditional style, or with a minimalist, modern style. Even some shabby-chic styles can pair well with a glossy ceiling. On the other hand, high-sheen paints are not the best option in casual or rustic styles.

How to Apply Glossy Paints to a Ceiling

All interior painting requires a lot of surface preparation, but when it comes to glossy paints, this requirement is increased exponentially! Because high-gloss paints tend to highlight every blemish and flaw in the drywall, the first step is to make sure all imperfections are thoroughly repaired. This is best done with a process called skim coating, which means applying a thin coating of drywall mud over the whole ceiling.

Once the skim coat has been applied, sanded, and double-checked for perfection, the ceiling needs to be primed. The primer must be applied with caution to avoid any drips, globs, roller marks or brush strokes, since these would show up in the new paint.

After the primer has dried, it is time to begin applying the glossy interior paint. This can be done with a brush and roller, but better results are usually obtained with spray equipment. A skilled craftsman can provide a gorgeous, mirror-like finish by applying multiple thin coats of glossy paint with the sprayer.

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