Interior Paint Advice: What Are Neutral Colors, and Where to Use them?

 Interior Paint Advice: What Are Neutral Colors, and Where to Use them?

Neutral colors might strike some people the way plain noodles strike others: bland and unappetizing. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Neutral interior paint colors come in a surprising array of options, and many of them are truly gorgeous!

What Are Neutral Paint Colors?

Technically speaking, neutral paints are those that do not actually contain color: white, gray, and black. Beige, tan, and brown, however, are also often included in this category. In fact, even some very light shades of yellow, blue, or green could fit in the neutral category, when used right.

As you can see, there are many possibilities. In fact, even just looking at "white" gives you hundreds of options at your local paint store! Neutral doesn't have to mean boring!

The reason these colors are called neutral is because they are calm, easygoing colors that don't jump out at you, but rather make a pleasing backdrop to your homelife. Also, neutral colors are very easy to coordinate with, especially the first ones mentioned above. Because they have no clear hue of their own, they match with just about anything!

When Should I Consider Neutral Paint Colors?

If you are thinking of selling your house in the not-too-distant future, neutral paint colors are a very good option. They are modern and stylish, but not quite trendy (meaning they won't look outdated in a year or two). Neutral paints also appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.

Most real estate agents agree: a quality interior paint job with neutral paint colors is a definite help towards selling your house at the time and price you are hoping for!

Where Should I Use Neutral Paint Colors?

Common areas and connected areas are good candidates for neutral colors, since they tend to have a significant amount of wall space, and they are highly visible.

  • Common areas are places like living rooms, open-concept kitchens, and finished basement areas.
  • Connected areas are things like foyers, hallways, and prominent stairways.

In these types of areas, a bolder color can be overwhelming due to the large amount of wall space involved. Also, because these walls are visible from so many vantage points, it is more important that you avoid clashing. This is harder with a more intense, non-neutral color.

How Do I Make a Room Interesting with Neutral Paints?

Accents! One exciting way to add a burst of color without overwhelming a space is with a painted accent wall. Other ways you can bring in vibrant, eye-catching colors include artwork, furniture, rugs, table runners, and throw pillows.

Because your walls are neutral, it is easy to find colorful accents that will compliment the room.

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