Exterior Painting Company in Gaithersburg, MD

 Exterior Painting Company in Gaithersburg, MD

It can be hard to find a good service company, whether you are looking for an auto mechanic, a plumber, or a local house painter. That's why, when we find a reliable company with good customer service, we tend to keep going back time and time again. How do you get to that point, though? Is it just trial and error? Or is there a better way to find your Gaithersburg exterior painting company?

Finding the right painting contractor is neither magic nor rocket science! If you just follow a simple set of steps, you have a great chance of finding a house painter you'll be delighted with. Best of all, you'll never need to repeat the search as long as you live in Gaithersburg!

Create Your List of Potential House Painters

While your first instinct might be to search on your phone or computer, and that is one good method to find painters, that should not be your only method. Begin by asking your neighbors, family members, friends, and coworkers here in Gaithersburg if they have any recommendations. When you hear a recommendation (or a warning!) from someone you trust, it means much more than what a stranger says online.

When you do search your internet search, don't just look at the top search results. Often, those are major nationwide companies and paid advertisers (sponsored results). As you look over the local painting companies that come up, look at reviews from genuine customers. Google Reviews can be helpful, as well as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and so on. Don't let one bad review turn you off, but if you see several clients all say the same negative thing, don't ignore it!

National Painting Chains Versus Local Painting Companies

Just like national chain restaurants, when you work with a painting chain, their business model relies on high volume of sales. They are not focused on making relationships and developing long-term clients.

In contrast, a local family-owned painting company is invested in your community. They know that every painting project will either build or destroy their reputation, and they desire to win every first-time customer into a customer for life! This means you can count on their dedication to personalized, excellent service. Also, you can be assured they will stand behind their work.

Narrowing It Down to One Painter

Once you have a list of 3-5 exterior painting companies, it is time to begin the "interview" process. This is the time when you contact each company and ask for a free exterior painting estimate. Throughout the whole process, you will be gathering information and forming an impression.

What do you look for when you compare Gaithersburg exterior house painters? The main thing to consider is how comfortable you feel with them. Do you get a sense of competence and professionalism from the employees? Do you feel valued and understood? Would you feel safe with these people in or around your home?

Here are a few other things to look for or ask about:

Timeliness: do they pick up their phones and/or respond to your communication in a timely way? Do they arrive at the agreed upon time for the estimate?

Professionalism: do they have company vehicles and employee uniforms/dress code? Do they provide a written estimate on company letterhead?

Documentation: are they willing to provide you with proof of licensing and insurance?

When you compare the estimates, make sure you look at the details. How many coats of paint will they put on? Exactly what surfaces will they be painting? How much surface preparation will they do?

Making Your Choice

Now that you have gathered all the information you can, it's time to make a choice. You won't want to go with the lowest estimate, generally, but with the painting contractor who seems most likely to provide you with positive customer service and excellent painting. If you are still not ready to commit to a major project with any of them, try hiring them for a small project first, and see how they do.

Williams Professional Painting

As you continue to look for a Gaithersburg exterior house painter, we encourage you to include Williams Professional Painting in your search. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with an estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

Since 1979, Williams Professional Painting has been serving suburban Maryland and northern Virginia. We have served many families in and around Gaithersburg, and we are committed to continuing our record of premium painting and excellent customer experiences for many more decades! In addition to exterior painting, we also provide interior painting, carpentry, popcorn ceiling removal, kitchen cabinet painting, and more.

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It’s all too common to hire a professional, then keep your fingers crossed. Will deadlines be met? Will the technicians be friendly and helpful? Will the job sites be safe and considerate?

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Our Happy Customers

The reason we always turn to Williams Professional Painting first

Bryan spent two days painting and doing repairs in our family room . The door jamb was heavily water damaged and he had to remove the old plaster and rusted metal supports and replace them. He replaced water damaged woodwork and repainted everything. The work was perfect. The jamb looked like new and all the work was neat and clean. In addition, Bryan was friendly and extremely professional. His work easily met the high standards I have come to expect from Willliams. He and the men like him are the reason we always turn to Williams Professional Painting first.


A Painting Project in Sterling, VA

Hi Rick, everything looks wonderful! Your crew was super nice and clean too! Thanks again for getting me in earlier. I really appreciate it. I'll be giving your name to everyone I know who needs a painter and drywall repair.

Thanks again!


I am so impressed

The painting job your staff did on my unit 7/31 was outstanding! They were in and out in one day. They came will all the proper supplies and departed with all their equipment and cleaned up else where.

I am so impressed. I have a few more jobs that need work. I will call your company again.

Best regards,
Lynda Moore

Lynda Moore

She was very gracious and helpful.

Lisa was great. We were in sync with regard to paint choices and other related issues. Thanks for arranging her visit. She was very gracious and helpful. I intended to send you an email but had a dental appointment today.
Lisa is going to check on some additional items and get back with me.
Thanks again.


Excellent Job

Adalberto and his assistants did an excellent job painting the windows and exterior trim, plus interior repairs at my house. They were dependable, arriving each day at the scheduled time and finishing each afternoon at a convenient hour. Adelberto was very amenable to requests for even minor details, did all work in a beautiful manner, and cleaned up completely each day. I have used Williams Painters in the past with great satisfaction, and will certainly use them again.

Alex Eckmann

Exterior Painting Estimate

I didn't actually get any work done by Williams because my timeline would not work with the schedule but they actually sent me an email to let me know that they would have to decline the opportunity to work on my project. This is the first time I've ever received such a courtesy from contractors in the home improvement business, and I cannot express how wonderfully professional this is. I have had far too many experiences of contractors coming out to estimate, only to never contact me again, or to go through the trouble of sending me a quote and then never actually schedule the work.

While I did find someone who was able to do the work I requested in my short time frame, in the future, I will definitely contact Williams again for a bid. Just this email was enough to tell me about the company culture here, and I have great confidence in their professionalism.


JB made it important to him.

I would like to commend JB, he was great. Our job was small but it was important to us and JB made it important to him. He knew we were not satisfied with one particular aspect of the finished job and after talking to us about several options, he came back and proceeded with the decided upon option and it turned out perfect. He was always polite and professional and willing to go that extra bit to make sure we were satisfied.

Kudos to Williams Professional Painting to hiring such an outstanding tradesman and thank you JB!


I will definitely will use your services again!

I want to thank you for supporting my request so quickly. Also, I want to thank your staff for doing an outstanding job! I am very pleased with the service your entire team provided. I will definitely will use your services again and will pass on your information to my friends and family.

Again, thank you so much for everything!


Williams Professional Painting

Hi Milton:

We were very happy with the work done by the crew. They were very careful and thorough. I appreciated that they made sure all the windows opened and locked after they finished. Bryan and Daniel (and Edwin earlier) were great! I've already recommended your company to two families - and will continue to do that if anyone's looking for this type of service. I also appreciated the way the office kept us informed as we went through all the delays due to rain.

Thank you very much for such good service!



Bull Run Condominium Community

I wanted to let you know how our community is very happy to have JB and Franklin working for us. Both of them show outstanding customer services and impressive attention to details. They really do the impossible job of trying to keep our homeowners happy. They are patient and polite to everyone even with frustrated homeowners.

It is not often an employer gets positive reviews on their workers or the jobs performed. I really speak from the heart for Bull Run Condo Community in saying, Job Well Done JB and Franklin!

J.J. H. - Board of Director's President

Terrific Company To Work With.

Once again terrific company to work with. Got work done sooner than expected and it was a beautiful job. After ceilings and walls got holes cut in them for new lights and a wall mounted tv, Jose came back and patched and painted. When he was done, you would not have believed what it looked like before his excellent work. Highly, highly recommend

Mr. M

A review for Dagoberto Rodriguez

Mr. Dagoberto Rodriguez did a wonderful job on the bedroom ceiling and wall. I am very pleased with his work. I would like to request him for any future jobs that I may have done by your company. Thank you so much and Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Ms. W.

Thank you for providing us with two highly professional workers.


My husband and I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the work that was done by your employers, Juan Maldonado and his co- worker. They were at our house on Wednesday September 23 and Thursday September 24. While here they did carpentry work as well as painting. The end product is truly top of the line. We found Juan and his co- worker to be hard working, pleasant and above all else extremely competent. It will be our pleasure to recommend them to our neighbors, many who saw the Williams truck in front of our house and were curious to know what we were having done, and our many other friends.

Thank you for providing us with two highly professional workers. The result of their work gets an A+.


We'd like to offer a HUGE thank-you to Debbie Miller at Move or Improve? for taking the time to share her experience. It's a privilege to be part of her trusted network of contractors.

Debbie Miller

A Review from Washington, DC

Ricardo and Cesar were fantastic. Prompt, professional, and kept me informed at every step. Please let their manager know.


A Painting Project

Dear Rick:

Dago and Eric just left. They did a wonderful job. I really love the way the bedroom looks and as for the guest bathroom, they were able to repair the plaster from the roof leak before painting the room and it looks great. I will definitely fill out a review for you and for them.

I also appreciate the help that Lisa gave us.

Please do not hesitate to give my name if people request a reference.



I could set my watch by their timeliness.

The three man crew removed extensive amounts of wallpaper and prepared walls and ceilings for painting. The most concern I had was their ability to remove the wallpaper without damaging the underlying sheetrock paper. They did it carefully and with no damage. They painted close to 60 percent of the house. They repaired nail pops and any other nicks or blemishes in the sheet rock. They got an extensive job done in 4 days. They even took the initiative to repaint trim in certain areas. Very nice touch on their part.
I could set my watch by their timeliness. They were courteous and responsive to any request I had to attend to an area of concern, e.g., correct a slight imperfection in an original sheet rock seam. Also, very important to me, is the carefulness and cleanliness of the work processes. The guys were extremely attentive to putting catch mats down in all places and in how they managed paint preparation and stowage of materials and tools at the end of the day.
The job looks beautiful. This is the second time I have used Williams Professional Painting and, in fact, just called them for a minor repair in a ceiling that I just noticed.


Williams Prof Painting did a great job.

Williams Prof Painting did a great job on our huge 2-story windows and walls in our family room. When Rick came to do an estimate, he assured me they do this kind of work all the time, and they take great pride in their work. Carlos and Jorge were our painters and were always courteous and professional. Everyone communicated well and we could't be more please. Will use them again. Great job from a well-run company.


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