10 Reasons Why We Hire Full Time Painters

10 Reasons Why We Hire Full Time Painters

When looking for a painting company for your upcoming residential or commercial paint job in Arlington, VA what is your top priority?

Are you looking for a flawless end result with exceptional attention to detail? Or are you focused on finding Professional painters who will get the job done respectfully with minimal interruption to your family or business? Or are you more interested in guaranteed work and the knowledge that when the crew packs up they will be leaving you with a result you are guaranteed to love?

Here at Williams we are pleased to tell you that we are the best choice for all of these priorities and more. We are simply the best choice for painting and carpentry in the Washington, DC area.

Family Owned

One of the main reasons for this is our full-time professional staff of painters, foremen and office employees. Our friendly, full time staff are the reason for our reputation of on time, perfect paint jobs.

We are a family owned painting company with over 45 employees and painters on staff and our employees agree that Williams is a great place to work. We treat them like family because we consider them as such.

Keeping It In House

Because we hire full time, professional painters, we are able to send our staff to your project with the knowledge that they are experienced, well trained and will produce guaranteed quality work we can put our name on. We will never contract out your project to bottom-line workers we do not know. Rather, we will keep it all in house in the hands of our staff, each of whom are paid a fair wage for a job well done.

Committed Team

Because of these excellent wages and benefits, we have happy and committed employees from our office staff to our professional painters. This means that from your initial phone call to the last brush stroke of your paint job, you will interact with individuals of the highest caliber. Making William’s customers not just one-time projects, but clients for life.

Community Minded

We are also a team who gives back to our Washington, DC community in order to help those in need. We do not just work here, we live here and our community matters to us. This service-oriented mindset runs through our entire staff and cultivates a tight knit, friendly and compassionate team of people.

If you want a team who is ready to assist you with every step of your paint job from selecting paint colors to cleaning up when the work is done, look no further. Contact us for an estimate for your next paint job and let us prove to you that every word of our family-focused reputation is true.

Any Size/Type Project

Flexible Scheduling

Expert Project Management

Safety Trained & Fully Insured

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