New Technologies for Painting

Painting is like any other industry - there are constantly new advances in technology that make it easier (if not more fun) to paint your home or business offices. From the paint itself to the myriad accessories for the do-it-yourselfer and professionals, new advances are all over the place.

With ever-present concerns for the environment in mind, low-VOC paints are now quite popular. VOC's or "volatile organic compounds" may exist in some paints and be less than beneficial to the environment - VOC's may contribute to some respiratory illnesses and even to smog!

There is even an iPhone app for painting! You can quickly visualize what your room will look like painted a different color.

There are all kinds of great new advances in painting technology. We'll let you know about the good ones...Whether you're doing a residential painting job for a single room, or have a large commercial job, we'll make sure you have the help you need.

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