Retail Sales for Home Improvement

The economy has had everybody at least a bit cautious about spending money. Home improvement is one of those areas that can (sometimes!) be put off, for a while at least. The big jobs will need immediate attention, like a hanging gutter, or broken door jam. But other projects can sometimes fall off the radar in times of economic uncertainty. Replacing the old carpet, new bathroom fixtures or even changing the paint color in the kitchen - these are all "nice to have" projects that can easily be put off. But it looks like these types of projects are making a surge in the marketplace...

Both Home Depot and Lowe's beat earnings expectations in April and both reported stronger than expected retail sales. A Washington Post article about strong retail sales provides a lot of background for this important story. It looks like consumers are starting to feel a little more comfortable making some home improvement purchases. Of course, Williams is always here to help with painting projects or even projects that require some drywall or plaster repair - just give us a call if you need help!

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