The Power of Paint

Paint. It’s a big deal, especially in the life of an interior designer. This pigment-saturated liquid that transforms into an opaque solid film is arguably one of the most valuable tools in a designer’s arsenal. From supplying a mere backdrop for artwork, furniture and decorative items to taking on the role of the stand-alone design feature in a room, the power of paint is irreplaceable. With the ever-increasing color palates donning delicious names from Nacho Cheese to Mascarpone, we are able to deliver more and more unique and interesting spaces. So, why settle with the typical tan or redundant red? Whether you want to pull out a highlight color in a painting or a pillow for inspiration or seek to juxtapose your walls with a contrast color, go for it! If taking the leap to a bolder color is difficult, try using a neutral color as the base and adding a feature stripe that incorporates a statement color. Vertical or horizontal, stripes are a perfect way to finish off a room. As you select your paint colors, be sure that the entire scheme sits together well tonally. A home that is harmonious in color throughout is much more pleasant and balanced than one that haphazardly pulls colors from all areas of the color wheel and spectrum. In order to be sure you achieve the positive power of paint, take your time selecting the colors and then get swatches and hang them for a few days. I would suggest using the paper samples so that you can move them around and you see the affect of different light. Then pull down those samples that get eliminated until you’ve settled on the perfect color. Since it is powerful, paint can be intimidating. Just remember, paint is every commitment-phobic’s dream. It can always easily be changed. Considering the fantastic level of interest, updating and creativity that paint offers, embrace its potential.

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