Choosing Interior Colors - What's Your Process?

Choosing Interior Colors - What's Your Process?

There are a lot of opportunities for fun when it comes to interior painting and design. Probably the most popular aspect of the project, and rightly so, is the process of choosing colors. Who doesn’t like to imagine what a room could look like, or picture new, modern colors sweeping over the older styling in your home?

As fun as it, however, choosing colors for your home or business is a process that really should be taken seriously.

Are Professional Color Selection Services Important?

There is a lot more to choosing the best palette for the spaces that are important to you than you might initially think. Choosing colors can be partly a matter of just going with your gut when you see something you like, but looking ahead and determining how that color will interact with your lighting, style, and purposes is a real skill.

With that in mind, we are proud to offer a complete Color Selection Center. You’ll find countless colors from McCormick, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams all in one place under our roof. Additionally, we have samples painted on walls (including faux finishes) so that you can get a real, accurate sense of what a particular color looks like.

We also have an on-staff professional Design Consultant: Lisa Reyes. Lisa offers incredible skill and talent, paired with an education that includes both a degree in Interior Design as well as time spent in Florence, Italy. She can help you with the questions that are larger than “which color should I choose,” and assist you with finding and achieving the style and exact look you have in mind for your home or business.

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