Painting a Historic Steeple in Alexandria, VA

As a professional commercial and residential painting company, we have the opportunity to see and be a part of a wide variety of projects. It's one of the fun sides to this line of work!

Recently we were asked to help with a particularly interesting commercial painting job in Alexandria. We thought we should share some preliminary details, then follow up soon with more in-progress and “after” information and pictures.

Refreshing History

Looming high into the sky in Alexandria, VA, carved out crisply against the blue, Virginia Theological Seminary's steeple stands not just as an icon of one of the largest Episcopal seminaries in the country, but also as reminder of turbulent times in our nation’s history. It is a place packed with significance.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the school’s history is that during the Civil War it was occupied and used as a hospital. It housed many wounded soldiers, and buried hundreds. It is haunting to imagine what went on inside these quiet walls, and to walk where so many have walked before.

It is also a unique place because it is the highest point in Alexandria; from its peak you can see all the way into neighboring Washington D.C. and Maryland!

Our Painting Process

Unfortunately, every surface experiences breakdown, decay, and wear with time. This is especially true of those places that are exposed to the elements. This steeple certainly is left exposed, and because of this is in need of surface preparation and fresh paint to protect it for the next years of its life. It is a privilege to help preserve places like this!

We will be painting the steeple with two coats of Sherwin Williams’ “Duration,” and applying an epoxy urethane coating to the copper dome.

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