Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior - Springtime Tips for Northern Virginia Homeowners

Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior - Springtime Tips for Northern Virginia Homeowners

Spring may not be in full bloom yet, but it certainly is coming! And, you know, spring not only brings a pleasant and invigorating change in the weather, but it also provides an ideal time for home maintenance and updates. You could almost say that it’s a New Year’s celebration for your house! The strain and decay of a cold, hard winter is behind it, and the new season ahead is full of opportunity for your property.

The question becomes, where do you start?

Check Your Home’s Exterior

Start by taking a walk around your home, performing a general inspection. This will help you to keep tabs on those points that may have been damaged by winter, which in turn will naturally prioritize your to-do list. Here are a few areas to check:

  • Caulking and weatherstripping - Making sure that there is no damage to these areas will keep your home efficient and sound.
  • Gutters - Winter is incredibly hard on gutters, especially when freezing temperatures create extra strain and weight on the drainage system. Also look for debris that might be trapped, creating the potential for dangerous dams. When spring rains come you want to be sure that nothing impedes the run-off of water.
  • Roofing - Shingles that may have fallen into your yard are an obvious sign of trouble, but also look for budding weak spots on your roof itself. Shingles that are peeling and/or torn will require attention. Identifying these failing portions early on can save you a larger headache (or property damage) down the road.
  • Siding and decks - Take a look at the wood around the exterior of your home, with a special eye out for wood rot. Decayed sections will need to be repaired in order to nip a quickly-spreading problem in the bud.

Springtime Power Washing

Taking a refreshing shower after exercising, working in your garden, or a day at the beach feels good, doesn’t it? All the grime and sweat are washed away, leaving you feeling (and smelling) like a new person. Power washing your home has a very similar effect as it blasts away the smudges, mold, and mildew that winter leaves behind.

It also is a good practice because as you systematically wash areas like your siding, deck, driveway, and walkway, you can better assess (and locate) any aspects of your property that might need attention.

Exterior Painting

Hiring a painting professional is also an ideal way to give your home a spring check-up and a brand new look. If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or the D.C. area, why not contact us at Williams Professional Painting? We would love to help!

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