“Will Pollen Affect My Exterior Paint” in Herndon Va?

“Will Pollen Affect My Exterior Paint” in Herndon Va?

Enjoying the fresh breath of spring? April has had its typical ups and downs, but with the beautiful cherry blossoms and mostly sunny days, a sigh of relief at spring’s warm welcome is here!

Will Pollen Affect My Exterior Paint in 20170?

One of the questions we get around this season is about the effect of tree pollen on exterior paint. Sometimes the thick yellow powders collect in corners and wind sills, or stickier pollen will coat exterior surfaces and adhere to the paint.

The answer is:

Your House Is Safe.

Pollen has no effect on paint, and will not shorten or decrease the lifespan of your exterior stains, finishes or coatings. If your house is being freshly painted, the dust of the pollen may become trapped underneath the new coat of exterior paint. This would be the same result that comes from painting over a dirty surface. A quality painter will prevent this problem by professional standard practices:

  • Thorough site preparation (includes protection of surrounding structures and landscape)
  • Clean surfaces (wash or brush depending on location of painting)
  • High quality paints and tools.

With the right contractor, you have nothing to worry about.

Worry-Free Exterior Paint Service Is Possible

We love to come in, renew and transform a home with a new coat of paint, and leave at the end of the day with no sign of our presence except bright, new, clean colors. We offer a variety of services, and we love to hear what types of exterior spring cleaning projects you are planning. If you want or need advice from experienced professional painters, send us an email or give us a call. Happy Spring!

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