​Gray, A Great Color Choice for Your Living Room

​Gray, A Great Color Choice for Your Living Room

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If you’re looking for a neutral interior paint color for your living room but white or beige walls feel tired, gray might be the perfect choice for you. Over the last few years there’s a good chance you’ve noticed rooms in varying shades of gray popping up in interior design magazines or your favorite decorating blogs. The color has seen a huge increase in popularity in the design community and homeowners and with good reason.

A Superior Neutral Paint Color

Gray offers all the neutral benefits of white or beige without some of the drawbacks. Unlike walls painted white that show every scuff and fingerprint, gray walls are incredibly forgiving. Beige interiors are able to hide normal wear and tear too, but they are a predictable neutral option. Gray feels modern and pairs well with furnishings in almost any color.

Have you ever been in a home where the walls were beige, the floors were beige, and the couch was yet another shade of beige? Monotone rooms can look spectacular when everything is working together perfectly, but this tone on tone style usually needs a trained designer’s eye to be pulled off. Gray walls break up a monotone living room, offering just the right amount of variety without making a big color commitment.

Your Perfect Gray

With thousands of options to choose from there is a perfect gray interior paint to suit the mood you want to create in your living room. Select a light gray paint to make your living room feeling spacious and welcoming. Or go dark for a sophisticated retreat. Midtone grays are like color chameleons that can appear open and relaxed with plenty of daylight but transform into an intimate space you’ll love to curl up in during the evening.

A Word on Undertones

If you are considering gray for your living room, you’ll want to bring home plenty of paint chips from your local paint retailer or home improvement store. This is a smart step to take any time you are selecting a new interior paint color, but it is especially important when finding the perfect gray. When you line up several different shades of gray side by side you’ll notice that, while they all look gray, they have subtle variations in undertones.

A true gray paint would be nothing more than black and white mixed together. Most of the grays you select won’t be true gray but actually a very muted version of another color. Comparing paint chips you will notice grays with undertones in every shade of the rainbow. Pick a gray interior paint with an undertone that complements the warm or cool colors of your living room.

Are you curious about how your living room would look with gray walls but still feel overwhelmed by the number of choices? Consider talking with a professional painter. With their knowledge, experience, and love of seeing a space transformed they are a great resource for finding the perfect interior paint color.

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