​Dissecting a Room: A Classic Kitchen with a Twist

​Dissecting a Room: A Classic Kitchen with a Twist

Last month we kicked off our new series by looking at a living room that blended modern and traditional elements to create a space that was both youthful and relaxing. This month we will be looking at a traditional kitchen with a surprising burst of color.

As always when we look at a room we are identifying its key design components. Honing in on these makes it easier to understand what elements attract us to an inspiration image in the first place so that you can adopt the style for your own home. We have chosen to break down a room’s style into three categories: its architecture, color, and furnishing and accents.

Elements of a Classic Kitchen with a Colorful Twist

This kitchen has many timeless elements. Marble countertops, recessed panel cabinets with beautiful crown molding and decorative beams all painted white give this room a traditional architectural style. The beadboard ceiling painted in a robin’s egg blue adds a casual, coastal twist on the classic all white kitchen though. Bringing in wood tones through the flooring and barstools adds to the warm and inviting style.

If you love the look of kitchen cabinets painted white but are nervous about it feeling too formal, adding a pop of color is a great way to strike a sophisticated but playful balance.

Identifying Your Style

Not sure what your style is? We have a fun exercise that will help you discover your personal decorating style. It starts with collecting plenty of inspiration images. Sites like Pinterest are great for organizing inspiration images all in one place. If you are thinking of making changes to a particular room in your house, start saving all those beautiful pictures you come across to a file on your desktop or an online inspiration board.

Once you have a nice size collection, go through your images and quickly dissect each room’s three style categories. You should start to notice a pattern in certain elements of rooms that you love. For example, maybe you consistently save images of kitchens with cabinets painted in dark colors. Or maybe you love dining rooms with an accent wall. Whatever those repeat elements are, take note of them so you can incorporate them into your home!


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