Is It Too Late for Exterior House Painting?

Is It Too Late for Exterior House Painting?

Ready or not, summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner. Kids are heading back to school, coffee shops are preparing to add pumpkin to everything, and the days will be getting shorter in no time.

If you’re planning an exterior painting project, this may leave you with an essential question: is it too late to paint your house?

Fall Is a Fantastic Season for Exterior Painting

While spring and summer are often thought of as the ideal seasons for outdoor painting, they are far from the ONLY seasons for the job.

Painting in the right conditions is essential for proper adhesion and a quality, enduring finish; specially, we look for even temperatures, not extremely hot (this cures the paint too quickly), and definitely moisture-free. With spring rains and summer heat, we have to navigate the elements carefully. Fall weather, however, can be ideal!

And, thanks to newer paint products that can cure beautifully in lower temps, painting outside is possible right into the crisper, chillier months.

Remember To Be Mindful of Your Painter’s Availability This Time of Year

Here’s an insider tip for you!

If a fall painting project is on your to-do list, we recommend contacting your local painting company right away. Schedules tend to fill quickly this time of year, and there is limited space for exterior work before the snow flies.

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