Should I Spend More for Quality Paint? - NOVA Painting Tips

Should I Spend More for Quality Paint? - NOVA Painting Tips

Spending money is always a balancing act. Take car buying, for example. You know you don't want the $500 clunker, since it probably won't get you where you want to go. On the other hand, there is also a point where cars keep getting more expensive, without really giving you more actual benefits. So, is it like that with house paint? Is it worth it to spend more money for quality paint?

Professional house painters agree that when you buy quality paints, you are not just paying an inflated price for a famous name. The premium paints that have a higher price tag also contain superior ingredients, or a higher proportion of helpful ingredients and less cheap filler.

What Is In Quality House Paint?

One of the vital aspects of paint is the binder or resin. This is the substance that causes the paint to stick to the surface beneath, and to stay there. Premium paints have better binders, and therefore they will cling to your walls longer and more securely.

Another key ingredient to paint is the pigment. This serves to block the previous color from showing through, and it provides the new color you want for your wall. When pigments contain higher proportions of quality materials, the paint will provide better color coverage and consistency with fewer coats.

The last ingredient in every paint is the solvents. These are the liquids that make the paint flow and spread, and are designed to evaporate quickly and evenly once the paint is applied. While some paints solvents contain a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOC's), others are odorless and harmless. A more expensive can of paint will contain higher-quality solvents and can be found in low VOC varieties.

When You Pay More, You Get More

In the final analysis, paying more for your house paint will generally help you to be happier with the results. The colors will look truer and more consistent, and they will last for longer. However, to make sure you get the most out of your painting investment, make sure it is applied skillfully and correctly. You will find that, just like in the paint itself, there are important differences between painting contractors.

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