How Do I Choose a Color Scheme to Unify My House?

How Do I Choose a Color Scheme to Unify My House?

The beauty of a blank canvas is all the potential it contains. It could turn into anything! The same is true of your house when you repaint it; there are so many different ways it could look! This is wonderful, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. You definitely want your house to look unified and pulled-together. Well, here are some great tips to get you started. Hopefully this will remove the stress of the job and leave you free to enjoy it!

Begin with Connecting Spaces

If you want your house to look coordinated, a good place to start would be a large, open area of your house that also connects to other rooms, like an entryway or living room. If you choose a color for those two rooms, then you can move out from there. A fairly neutral color like gray or beige would probably be best for these rooms because they go with anything, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Choose something that you like! There are some very nice varieties of neutral colors that aren’t at all boring.


Choose Specific Colors

Once you’ve chosen a color for the central room(s), you can then choose colors for the rest of the individual rooms that complement this unifying color. This provides smooth transitions from one room to another. Complementary does not mean the same color, or even necessarily a similar one. It means that the colors fit well together.


Accent Walls

A great painting tool to consider when you’re planning out the color scheme of your house is accent walls. If you incorporate one or two of these in your home, it can provide color and excitement without overdoing it. You can check out this article all about accent walls in living rooms if you’re interested!

Ceilings and Trim

While the paint color for the walls is the thing that is the most fun and exciting to pick out, ceilings and trim are also important! The most classic and versatile option is white, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great options. There’s lots of room for creativity, particularly with ceilings! Here’s a blog you can check out with some helpful tips for choosing a ceiling paint color.

Houzz or Pinterest

A great way to think about the paint color you want is to look at images on Houzz or Pinterest! There is lots of great inspiration on websites like that. Bear in mind the style of your house, and what decor you’re going to have; that can make a big difference!

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