How Do I Design An Accent Wall in My Living Room?

How Do I Design An Accent Wall in My Living Room?

Our living rooms are very central to our houses. Not only do we spend a lot of time in them, but we also bring our guests into our living rooms. This means that we should put a lot of care into designing and painting them However, sometimes we are too careful, afraid to make bold color statements.

Neutral paint colors are wonderful in a living room, but we don’t want them to be boring either. If you want a unique living room that will leave an impression on guests, but you don’t want to paint your whole living room a bright or dramatic color, the accent wall could be the perfect solution!

In addition to making a room more exciting, an accent wall also provides a focus to the room and can highlight certain pieces of furniture, architecture, or artwork.

Which Wall Should I Choose for My Accent Wall?

The first thing you need to do when planning an accent wall in your living room is decide which wall you want it to be. There are a few things you should consider when choosing.

  • Choose a wall that feels like it is the front of back of the room, not a side (this would make the room feel off-balance or lopsided). The front and back of a room can be influenced by the orientation of the furniture, and/or the location of the entrance into the room.
  • You want a wall that is pretty normally shaped (typically rectangular). Also, avoid walls with large windows or significant interruptions, like doors or bookshelves.
  • If there is already a focus to the room (a fireplace, or a built-in cabinet set, ect), the eye is already drawn this direction. This could make a good wall for an accent.

What Color Should I Paint My Accent Wall?

It’s always fun to choose a paint color for an accent wall! There are so many possibilities, and so much room for creativity. You want to start by considering the color of the furniture and decorations already in a room. You don’t want to make your accent wall the same color as a lot of your furniture, but you don’t want it to clash. A throw pillow on a couch might provide the perfect touch to tie a room together.

If you want a cheery, creative look, you could choose colors like orange, yellow, or pink. You could make a living room very dramatic with a navy blue, black, or dark red accent wall. Or, if you wanted a more subtle feel, you could choose a brown, gray, or pale blue.

Your accent wall also wouldn’t have to just be painted a solid color. It could have patterned wall paper like this living room…


Or a chalk board accent wall like this one…


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