How to Use Dark Paint Colors Without Creating a Dismal Atmosphere

How to Use Dark Paint Colors Without Creating a Dismal Atmosphere

There is something undeniably attractive about using dark paint colors. It can be so dramatic and beautiful. But we don’t want to make our houses dismal with dark paint colors, especially in the winter when the weather is sometimes dreary anyway. Good news! You can use dark paint colors (including black!) in your house, and still have it be cheery! Here are a few tips on how to pull that off.


Not The Whole Room

If you use a dark paint color, it doesn’t have to be the whole room you paint. It can be, but you could just paint an accent wall, or the trim a dark color.

Add Bright Colors

If you paint a room a dark color, make sure that there are at least some pops of bright color. This could be artwork, furniture, a light accent wall in a darker room, or anything else you want.

Lots of light

In almost any room you want to make sure that it’s well lit. However, in a darkly colored room, this becomes extra important. So, a room with large windows would be a good one to paint a dark color. Also, mirrors are a great, very easy way to increase natural light.


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