Should I Be Skeptical of a Cheap House Painting Estimate?

Should I Be Skeptical of a Cheap House Painting Estimate?

When you are comparing prices of painting companies in your area for interior painting, you may be naturally inclined towards the cheapest one. Why spend extra money? Because, when a painting company gives you a cheap estimate, it means that they are spending less on the paint job. To do that, they are cutting corners and skimping on quality somewhere. But where? What should you look for in a house painting contractor?

Are They a Legitimate Painting Company?

When you are looking for a painting contractor, make sure to check their credentials. A proper license takes work and money to maintain, so it is easier and cheaper not to get a license. Working with an unqualified painting company is dangerous to you and your house. Also, you want to make sure your painting company carries full insurance, so your family and home are protected.

Hurried or Nonexistent Preparation

Preparation is an absolutely-necessary part of the painting process. Patching any dents, scratches or holes is very important to the look of the finished wall. However, cheap painting companies may try to save time and money by skipping this.

Priming is not always necessary, but it very often is. In some cases, skipping it could lead to poor paint coverage or early paint failure. Primer must be applied to any places that have been patched or repaired, or when significantly changing colors. Stain-sealing primers can also be used to block odors and stains.

When you compare house painting estimates, make sure they include all necessary surface preparation.

Cheap Supplies

Another one of a painting company’s expenses is the supplies needed for a paint job. Budget painting companies may attempt to save by using low-quality paint, which is of course cheaper. However, high-quality paint will hold up to daily wear and tear better, and it will look more finished and attractive.


Bad Customer Service

We all have had frustrating experiences with bad customer service: first no one picks up the phone, then there is a long wait, mistakes happen with scheduling, and jobs take longer than expected. This is what happens when companies try to save money by reducing office staff. Any quality painting contractor will have good office staff. This ensures that things happen on time, no important paperwork gets lost, and your emails and phone calls are answered promptly.

Unqualified or Unsatisfied Workers

When a painter enters your home, you are trusting him with the well-being of your property and your family. That being the case, it is important that they are well-trained and happy.

Training workers is a large investment of time and money, so it is another area in which some painting companies will try to save. However, untrained workers are likely to result in sloppy work. A good painting company will train their workers thoroughly so that your painting is done well and safely.


If you pay workers less, then you can charge less for your painting services. At first this might seem like a reasonable way to cut back on spending. However, if workers are unhappy they are likely to do only as much as they must, or only work well when someone is watching them. Employees who feel valued will do a much better job paying attention to details and working well even when no one is watching.

Good Value and High-Quality Work in The DC Area

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In addition to interior painting, we offer exterior painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and carpentry services. On every painting project, we take the time to prepare all walls before painting them, using only the best materials. We have been serving in Virginia, Maryland and DC since 1979, developing a strong reputation for reliability and excellence. We would love to hear from you: call us or schedule an estimate online today!

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