Should I Paint My Walls to Match My Furniture?

Should I Paint My Walls to Match My Furniture?

If you ever look online at pictures of designer rooms, or if you get magazines with photos of perfect living rooms, you might wonder how they get them to look so coordinated and harmonious. The furniture always looks just right in the room, and the artwork ties in beautifully. How in the world is it done? Can I possibly make my house look like that? Would painting my walls to match my furniture make the difference?

Well, if by matching, you mean painting your walls exactly the same color as your furniture, then no. However, if by matching you mean coordinating, absolutely!

There are several different ways to paint your walls to have your furniture look good in a room. Which one you choose will depend on how central and important you want that furniture to be in that specific room.

Neutral Color – Everything Matches!

Painting your walls a neutral color is a great option! You’d have a hard time finding a color that will clash with gray, beige, or white. If you paint your walls a neutral color, not only will the furniture you currently have look nice, but if your get a new couch, you won’t have to repaint your living room!

Contrasting Colors

If you have a boldly-colored piece of furniture, one way to set it off very noticeably is by painting the walls a contrasting color. This creates an off-beat, energetic feeling that is very popular with designers. For example, a yellow couch would look fantastic with light violet walls, or a blue armchair with orange walls. Contrasting colors can come from the opposite side of the color wheel as each other (like red and green) or they can be closer (like red and yellow).


A Different Shade of the Same Color

Painting your walls the same color as your furniture, but using a darker or lighter shade, is a great way to pull a room together. For example, if you had a navy-blue couch, you could paint your walls a pale blue; it would look very coordinated while not being all one shade.

Bringing it All Together

If your walls are painted a different color from your furniture, it can really tie a room together when you use the furniture color as an accent somewhere else in the room. It could be a rug or curtains that contain that color, or a piece of art, a table centerpiece, a throw pillow, or any number of possible accents. If there’s just one piece of furniture that’s a different color with nothing connecting it to the rest of the room, then it could look out of place.


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