When Can Exterior Painting Start after the Winter?

When Can Exterior Painting Start after the Winter?

Many things must be put on hold during the winter, like swimming, golfing, and gardening, all for obvious reasons. How about exterior painting; why can’t that happen during the winter? Do the painters simply not like the cold weather? No, it’s the paint that doesn’t like wet or cold weather. For exterior paint to function properly, it needs to be relatively mild and dry out. And as we all know, that’s not likely to happen during winter here in Northern Virginia or the D.C. area!

Warm Temperatures Are Best for Exterior Painting

High-quality exterior paints typically adhere and perform better if it is above 50°(f) when they are applied. Remember that this does't just apply to the air temperature, but also the surface being painted, which could take some time to warm up after a cold night. Also, it is not a good idea to apply exterior paint if it is going to be much below 50 degrees in the next 24 hours.

There are some paints being produced now that work at lower temperatures, so if you need exterior painting done early in the season you could ask your painting contractor about low-temperature paints.

Rainy Days Don’t Work for Exterior Painting

A surface must be thoroughly dry before it can be painted. Dry doesn’t only mean there is no water dripping off (although that’s a part of it); it also means there cannot be absorbed moisture that will seep out and ruin the paint job. Of course, you can't paint while it’s raining, because rain drops can make drips and spatters in the paint which would be very difficult to fix. Also, paint needs at least a full day to cure, so if there is rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours, you might want to hold off on your exterior painting.


In short, it’s best if there is at least a full day with no rain before and after your exterior painting is completed.

So When Does the Exterior House Painting Season Start?

Well, the average daily temperature is starting to be above 50, but it’s not as warm at night. Also, as you now know, April showers aren’t great for spring painting. That means that here at Williams Professional Painting, the exterior painting season really gets going in May.


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