Common Questions about Interior House Painting in Winter

Common Questions about Interior House Painting in Winter

Winter is a great time for interior painting here in Alexandria and the greater Washington, D.C. region. We all spend much more time inside during these months, so we tend to take more notice if our rooms are looking outdated or worn. There are many questions that people have about interior painting during the winter, so we thought it would be a helpful idea to address several of them together.

Can You Do Anything about Paint Fumes (New Paint Smell)?

If you get interior painting in the spring, summer, or fall, you can open windows to air out the rooms. But what if you are painting in winter? Can anything be done about the new paint smell?

When you choose zero-VOC paint products for your interior painting, there are no nasty chemicals that evaporate into your living space. This means cleaner, healthier air, and none of the new paint smell that some love, and others can’t stand!

Can You Have Your Home Interior Painted in Winter if You’re Pregnant?

Again, because you can’t open windows to air out your home in the winter, people wonder whether it is safe during pregnancy to have interior house painting done in this season. Thankfully, the zero-VOC paints mentioned above are perfectly safe for both mother and baby. You get to enjoy all the beauty of fresh paint, and have peace of mind regarding the air quality in your home!

Can You Paint My (insert room) before the Holidays?

Because we often have family or friends come to visit during the holidays, we suddenly feel the need to have interior painting projects completed. This might include the dining room, the kitchen, a guest bedroom, the foyer, or the main bathroom. Slightly frazzled homeowners often ask us if we can get these areas painted before the holidays.

The best that we can suggest is that you plan ahead, because painting schedules are often filled up a month or more in advance. A very small job can sometimes be squeezed in at the last minute, but not usually.

If you want some painting done soon, but the schedule is filled, one thing you can do is ask if there is a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Can Paint Color Help with Your Mood in Winter?

Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) is a condition affecting many people here in the D.C. area, and it gets worse in winter, when days are shortest and the weather keeps us indoors so much.

While it would be unwise to treat significant emotional struggles with nothing but interior paint, many people believe that brighter, warmer colors in our home can help us keep a more positive, energetic outlook during the winter months.

Will My Interior Painting Be Delayed by Snow?

At Williams Professional Painting, we do our utmost to stay on schedule and complete interior painting projects on time. However, there are occasions when extreme weather makes it unsafe or impossible for our painters to arrive at your home. If this happens, rest assured that we will communicate with you promptly, keeping you up-to-date as we rearrange our plans. As soon as travel becomes possible again, we will be back on the job, and your project will be completed with the smallest possible delay.

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