Extra Touches that Make Your Interior Painting Look Even Better

Extra Touches that Make Your Interior Painting Look Even Better

Repainting a room in your house is always a worthwhile project. However, there are some extra details you can address along the way to make it even more worthwhile! To be more descriptive, it’s the difference between “wow” and “WOW!!” in your interior painting!

Take a look at the following suggestions to see how your next interior painting project can look even better than you envisioned.

Caulk Along the Baseboards

If there is no caulk along the top edge of your baseboards, repainting would be a great time to put it there! It’s easy, it doesn’t take very long at all, and you can pick up caulk at any local home improvement store. This will make the joint between the baseboard and wall look much sharper and nicer looking! It also makes the room easier to clean because dirt and dust will not get lodged in those cracks like before.

Paint the Vents

If you have any old air vents in the walls and haven’t repainted them recently, your interior repainting would be an ideal time to give them a fresh coat. You can simply remove them and apply a coating (or two) of spray paint for metal surfaces. You can do this in your garage, basement, or outside (if the weather is nice). Just make sure you protect the floor and nearby surfaces so you don’t get paint all over! Now they are ready to be reinstalled, crisp and new to match your freshly-painted walls.

Replace Light Switches and Outlets

We don’t generally notice how outdated our light switches, outlets, and their covers get until we paint a room. Once that new house paint is on the interior walls, those old switches and outlets really look dingy by comparison. Also, they are high-touch points, so they tend to get dirty and worn out.

Since you typically remove the covers for these when you paint, why not go the extra step and upgrade to new switches, outlets, and cover plates? Trust us, the results are worth it!

Be Very Careful with Electricity!

It’s always important to think of safety first when you’re doing any sort of house projects! This is essential to consider when you are doing anything involving electricity, like replacing light switches and outlets. You need to be very careful you have turned off the electricity at the breaker box, then plug something in to test it and make sure it is truly off. And if you just don’t feel comfortable doing it, call an electrician. Nobody wants you to get hurt!

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