Interior Painting with Kids in the Home

Interior Painting with Kids in the Home

Often the most important things in life, the things that bring us the most joy, also create the most messes. A prime example of this is our kids. While we love them like crazy and wouldn’t trade them for the world, sometimes we just wish we could limit the damage they cause to our homes. One great way to do this is to plan proactively, choosing designs and interior paints that are kid-friendly. That way, we can spend less time cleaning up after them, and more time just enjoying them.

Kid-Friendly Paint Colors

All walls get a little dirty, but it’s extra hard to keep them clean when there are kids in a home. There is always another mess made before you can get the last one cleaned up (wait, is that spaghetti sauce on the dining room wall again?)! So, what should I know about choosing paint colors with kids in the house? What interior paint color choices will help hide fingerprints and scuffs?

As we all know, white paint will show just about anything. If you really want white walls, go with an off-white or cream of some kind. Tan, beige, gray, medium blue… these kind of moderate colors have tons of beautiful options, and they all do a good job with not looking dirty very easily. Darker colors have this effect even more so.

Best Paint Sheen For Kids

It’s also very important when there are children (or pets) in a house that the walls be scrubbable. If the paint comes off as soon as you try to wash it, it won’t look good for long! Fortunately, you can use semi-gloss interior paint on your trim and doors, where most of the fingerprints and dirt wind up. Semi-gloss paint is very durable, stain-resistant, and washable.

For the walls, satin is probably your best paint sheen option, as it is still quite durable, but not as glossy as the trim. Also, high-quality paint is a lot more durable and will hold up to a lot more cleaning than cheap paint, so you will want to consider investing in high-quality paint for the long-term benefits.

Low VOC Paint

It’s important for all of us to be healthy and not exposed to dangerous or unhealthy chemicals, but we want to be especially careful of the health of our children. One way you can do this is by buying low-VOC or zero-VOC interior paint. It sometimes costs a little bit more, but will definitely be worth it in the end!

Benefits of Installing a Chair Rail

With kids in the home, it is usually the bottom 3rd or half of the walls that wears out the quickest. It’s a shame to repaint the whole wall when only the lower portion is worn out. Chair rail provides a simple solution! (Chair rail is a horizontal piece of trim or molding that is installed at about waist height).

If you get a chair rail installed in a room or hallway in your house, it means that when it comes time to repaint, you only need to repaint the bottom half of your wall. Half the work, half the time, half the money. A chair rail also opens up lots of creative, fun design options! For example, you can paint the bottom half of a wall a dark, bold color, paint the chair rail semi-gloss white, and then use a lighter color on the upper half of the wall.

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