What Is the Best Paint Color for a Living Room?

What Is the Best Paint Color for a Living Room?

The living room is one of the most vital areas of the home, both because of its physical centrality and because we spend so much time there. Whether you entertain many guests or you mainly gather there as a family, the living room is the scene where so much of what really matters takes place. Understandably, then, we can feel pressure to choose the best paint color for a living room. But what is it?

That question is a bit like asking “What is the best place to go on vacation?” or “What is the best food for a party?” There are simply so many great options, individual preferences, and unique situations that there is no single right answer. However, we have a few living room paint color tips for you here. Enjoy!

Neutral Paint Color Options

While the word “neutral” may cause us to groan and picture dismal, institutionally off-white walls, the reality is that there are dozens of classy, beautiful neutral paint color options for your living room. Tan, beige, gray, and white are the most classic options, but there are also light blues, rich creams, pale greens, and intriguing in-between tones like greige.

There are several advantages to neutral colors:

  • They match with nearly everything.
  • They are calming and simple, without being dull.
  • They are very popular with home buyers.

Neutral colors can also be complemented with other pops of bright color, such as your baseboards, an accent wall, a rug, a piece of furniture, or an item of art.

Bolder Paint Color Options

If you are feeling adventurous and you want to make more of a statement with your living room paint, there are also many exciting options for you. Some of the colors that have been popular recently include:

- A darkish, cranberry red

- A vibrant, Mediterranean blue

- A stately, subdued sage

- A mysterious, rich purple

- A surprising, cozy black

For more ideas, simply browse for photo ideas on sites like Google Images, Pinterest, or Houzz.

The key to using a bolder color like this is balance. You want it to look amazing and draw the eye without being overwhelming. To do this, you need to determine what spaces or items will provide a visual relief or contrast. A white ceiling or neutral carpet would make a great start, of course. Also, doors, window trim, curtains, accent walls, and furniture can provide the variety needed to make sure your living room paint color does not overbear the senses.

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