When Does the Exterior Painting Season End in the Arlington Area?

When Does the Exterior Painting Season End in the Arlington Area?

Though our days are still long and the temperatures are still high, the back-to-school advertisements are forcefully reminding us that the fall is coming soon. If you have an exterior painting project that was on your to-do list this year, you might find yourself suddenly wondering whether there is still time to get it done before the weather turns. So, when does the exterior painting season end in northern Virginia?

Temperature and Moisture: Two Key Factors in Exterior House Painting

Here in the Alexandria area, the fall is actually a wonderful time for exterior house painting. The moderate temperatures are excellent for allowing paint to cure optimally. (The roaring temperatures we feel in summer are actually hotter than ideal for exterior paint). Additionally, the fall has less of a pattern of afternoon thundershowers, making the exterior painting possibilities more predictable.

The average temperatures in the Washington, D.C. region allow a lot of exterior painting to happen right through the end of October, though each year is a little different.

Availability Is Limited; Contact Your Local Painter Quickly!

If you have a painting project that needs to happen on your home exterior before the good weather flies south for the winter, contact your local house painter today! Because the exterior painting season is limited, spaces fill up quickly. In fact, you may have a hard time getting on a schedule for this year still.

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