Why Does It Matter If My Local House Painter Is Licensed and Insured?

Why Does It Matter If My Local House Painter Is Licensed and Insured?

Local house painters abound here in Alexandria, Virginia. In fact, if you look around northern Virginia and the greater Washington, D.C. area, you could fill a whole phone book with them! Choosing a house painting company can be challenging; how can you tell the difference between them? And if an unlicensed painting company offers a lower estimate, is it OK to hire them?

When you hire an unlicensed or uninsured painting contractor, you are putting yourself at risk in some ways you might not realize. It is important to consider those perils and see if they are worth the lower cost.

Why Can an Unlicensed Local Painter Charge Less?

In order to be licensed, a painting company needs to maintain certain industry standards. The training and quality control involved in this process will raise the cost for a painting contractor, meaning their painting rates will be higher. For this reason, an unlicensed painter can charge less.

Likewise, a house painter who does not carry Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance has a lower overhead cost, which can translate into savings for the homeowner.

Is It Safe to Hire a Local Painting Company without Licensing and Insurance?

There are several ways in which it is very risky to hire a painting company that does not have licensing or insurance:

  • If the contractor does not finish the work to your satisfaction, you might not have legal footing to seek redress.
  • If a worker is injured on your property, you as the homeowner could end up being liable for those mishaps.
  • If the painter causes injury or damage to persons in your home, or to the home itself, you may be left unprotected.

Is It Rude to Ask to See a Painting Contractor’s License and Insurance?

A reputable painting company knows that a responsible homeowner completes his or her due diligence. The local painter should be absolutely understanding when a homeowner asks to see proof of licensing and insurance, and he or she should be able to produce it relatively quickly. If a prospective painting company is hesitant or offended in response to this request, we urge you to seek a different company.

Professional, Licensed, Insured Painter for the D.C. Area

Williams Professional Painting has been serving the Washington, D.C. region since 1979. We keep our licensing and insurance continually up to date, so that our clients are fully protected and assured of our reliability. As a local house painter, we offer interior painting, exterior painting, deck maintenance, drywall services, cabinet refinishing, and more.

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