Why It Makes Sense to Be a House Painter AND a Carpentry Company

Why It Makes Sense to Be a House Painter AND a Carpentry Company

We live in a world where specialists do so much for us. In many professions, the goal is to focus on doing one thing, and do it really well, whether you perform oil changes, install siding, or make chicken sandwiches! For Williams Professional Painting, however, it makes sense for us to combine two trades that often are separate specialties: house painting and carpentry. As you will see, it is in the best interests of our Washington, D.C. area clients that we offer both.

The short answer for why this makes sense is that during the preparation for house painting, the painter often comes across wooden parts of the home that need to be repaired or replaced. If the painting project had to stop until a carpenter could come, it would delay the project significantly. But if your local painting company also provides carpentry services, the work can continue with efficiency.

Exterior Painting and Carpentry Combined

An exterior house painter in northern Virginia or Maryland regularly comes across wood that has deteriorated. Some of the most common trouble spots include:

  • Window frames, sills and trim
  • Door frames, especially at the bottom corners
  • Wood siding
  • Wooden fascia and soffits
  • Deck boards and railings

Sometimes the problem is that the wood has cracked or twisted due to seasonal temperature changes. Other times, the issue is dry rot, which is caused by moisture that has managed to get into the wood.

When your D.C. area house painter has expert carpenters on staff, it is no problem at all to repair or remove that damaged wood and paint it to look as good as new!

Carpentry as a Service with Interior Painting

Interior house painters are not nearly as likely to find rotten wood (though it can happen), but nevertheless, carpentry is still a valuable skill for them to have. This is because an interior redecoration project will often include various carpentry items:

  • Installing crown molding and/or chair rail
  • Installing wainscoting and/or baseboards
  • Removing cabinets for refinishing
  • Adjusting doors that don’t close well
  • Replacing damaged interior trim

Williams Professional Painting

If you live in the greater Washington, D.C. area, including Maryland and northern Virginia, we invite you to consider Williams Professional Painting for your carpentry and painting needs. Our skilled craftsmen provide deck maintenance, molding installation, wood repair, wood refinishing, drywall repair, kitchen cabinet painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and of course, interior and exterior house painting!

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