Caulk: the Unsung Hero of Exterior House Painting!

Caulk: the Unsung Hero of Exterior House Painting!

When you look at a home exterior from the street, the paint is what you see. Step closer, and it is still the paint that gets all the attention. In fact, you have to get your face within a few feet of the house before you can see the caulk, and even then, you only notice if you are looking for it. Nevertheless, here in the Washington, D.C. region, caulk is the unsung hero of exterior house painting!

Why? Great question!

Here are three great reasons why your home is much better off thanks to its exterior caulk:

Reason 1: Sealing out the Elements

Water has a sneaky manner of finding its way in around all the edges and joints of your home. Caulk provides a flexible, durable, watertight seal around your window frames, door frames, vents, fixtures, and other joints. This prevents wood rot, mildew, mold, and other types of deterioration caused by water in northern Virginia. Additionally, caulk keeps out wood-destroying insects, and even rodents!

Reason 2: Visual Improvement

Wherever two types of material come together, there is a seam that can look shabby, especially after a bit of time. Caulk fills small gaps and creates clean, attractive lines. Even though you can't see it clearly when you step back a short distance from your home, the overall appearance of the house is noticeably tidier and more professional looking.

Reason 3: Energy Savings

Any place where airflow can be stopped, you improve the energy efficiency of your house. By caulking all potential leak points, you keep your heated or conditioned air inside, bringing down your energy costs.

Do I Need Caulk if I Have Vinyl Siding?

Yes! All around your doors and windows, the vinyl siding is edged with J-trim. The joint where the J-trim meets your door and window frames is a good place to apply caulk, which will improve the look and extend the life of the materials. Also, if you have any vents, ducts, outlets, spigots, or light fixtures coming through the vinyl, caulk is a good idea.

How Long Does Exterior Caulk Last?

Different brands of caulk advertise varying lengths of warranty. Most of them have a 10 or 20 year guarantee. However, since buildings tend to shift and settle over time, and the changing seasons here in the Washington, D.C. region cause expansion and contraction, caulk can split or fail prematurely.

It is a good idea to inspect your caulking at least once a year, making sure it is healthy and intact. If you spot a problem, it is a quick, easy fix for a professional painter, and it will save you major costs and headaches in the long run.

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