How to Prevent Interior Paint Fading

How to Prevent Interior Paint Fading

What happened the last time you took a photo or piece of art down from the wall? Could you see a ghost left on the wall, an unfaded remnant in the shape of your artwork, when all around it had faded? Often, we don’t notice the gradual fading of our walls until something draws our attention to what color the wall originally was. If you are like most homeowners, this moment causes you to ask, “Is there any way to prevent interior wall paint from fading?”

Before you read on, you will want to seriously consider the advantages of fading paint. For example, those ghost images on the walls can help you make sure you put your frames up exactly how they were before…

Just kidding. No one wants faded paint!

How to Reduce the Effect of Fading Interior Wall Paint

Sunlight is the most important factor in causing paint to fade. That being the case, using curtains to block ultraviolet radiation is a good strategy. You don’t have to have your blinds closed all the time, creating a moody cave. Just close the curtains when the sun shines most directly on your walls, or when no one is in the room anyways. Your paint will thank you!

Another way to resist the effects of sunlight is by using a paint with higher sheen. Flat, matte, and eggshell paints absorb more light than they reflect. This causes their color to break down and fade sooner, while satin and semi-gloss paints reflect more UV radiation. Semi-gloss is a great choice for doors and trim, especially if they are exposed to sunlight, while satin is probably the best choice for a light-exposed wall.

The quality of your interior house paint also plays a large factor in its resistance to fading. Higher quality interior paint has better pigments and binders, which will hold the color steady for a much longer time. Whenever you have interior painting done, it is a good investment to request premium paints. This only marginally increases the cost, but it has a very significant effect on the longevity of the paint job.

Finally, using more coats of interior paint can help your color stay strong for a longer time. While one coat of paint may seem to provide consistent coverage with your desired color, two coats will give a richer, longer-lasting fullness to the color.

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