Interior Painting and Carpentry: How to Make a Bland Room *Pop*

 Interior Painting and Carpentry: How to Make a Bland Room *Pop*

Some rooms, when you simply consider the walls and ceiling, are just a basic box. Though a room like this can be comfortable and pleasant, sometimes we want more than that. We want a room that exudes elegance, sophistication, taste, an extra touch of charm. Thankfully, there are ways this can be achieved that are neither complicated nor costly! With careful carpentry and pleasing paint, you can make a bland room pop!

Using Trim and Molding to Improve a Room

There are many ways that carpentry can be used to improve the look of a room, including molding, trim, wainscoting, and more. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Crown molding provides visual interest and an elegant frame to the border between wall and ceiling. This is a great way to add instant class to almost any room!

Chair rail is an ultra-simple way to add sophistication to a basic room. This waist-height horizontal piece of trim creates a visual break and a pleasing linear feature to the room.

Wainscoting is a decorative panel that usually covers the lower 3rd of a wall. It can be adorned with vertical lines or beads, or with a series of boxes or frames. Traditional, yet timeless, wainscoting is a fantastic way to transform a room.

Baseboards are a standard feature of almost any room, but standard does not have to mean basic! By installing oversized or decorative baseboards, your room can easily stand out from a crowd.

Interior Paint Design Ideas to Enhance a Room

When you have just one color on all four walls, even if the color is wonderful, the overall effect can be... yawn... bland. By adding a second color, you more than double the impact of your painting!

An accent wall is an excellent way to add a pop of color and creativity to a room. It can be a bolder shade of the same wall color, or something entirely different. Make sure it coordinates well, and then let it pop!

Painting your ceiling is another great way to enhance a room. If you paint it a lighter version of the wall color, it is sure to delight!

If you have chair rail or wainscoting, then you can have a one color on the lower portion of the wall, and another above. If the wainscoting is white, then the upper wall can be nearly any color. Otherwise, use a darker color below the chair rail, and a lighter color above.

Williams Professional Painting

To really transform your room into a work of art, work with a professional painting company that provides design services. That way, you can thoroughly consider options you might not have thought of, and get help refining your dreams into a pleasing plan.

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