Photos! A Recent Commercial Painting Project in Alexandria, VA

Photos! A Recent Commercial Painting Project in Alexandria, VA

If you live here in Alexandria, you might have noticed a bit of brighter color in our skyline. That's Williams Professional Painting, once again working our commercial painting magic! Every job has unique aspects and interesting qualities; so what makes this one special?

Painting from Aerial Lift Equipment

For those who loved to climb trees when they were little, there remains a thrill in using aerial lift equipment to paint tall commercial buildings! While we might not be working from a corner office, you definitely can't complain about the view from up here.

Of course, commercial painting isn't about fun and games, and we take it seriously. When painting tall commercial buildings like this one, safety is our highest priority. All of our painters are thoroughly trained in safety measures, and we never compromise that to get a job done quicker.

Protection and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

The metal window frames on this commercial building were looking worn, and the deterioration of their coating had left them vulnerable to decay. That's when Williams Professional Painting showed up!

After carefully prepping all of the surfaces, we began applying a specialized exterior metal coating that is similar to epoxy. This means it not only looks amazing, but it will provide phenomenally durable protection of these surfaces for many years!

Williams Professional Painting

Based right here in Alexandria, Virginia, Williams Professional Painting serves the whole Capital region with high-quality commercial painting. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, and no matter the scope of the job, our crews are at your service!

Williams Professional Painting serves office buildings, retail stores, medical facilities, schools, churches, and much more! Contact us today to begin finding out why so many D.C. area businesses trust Williams Professional Painting.

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