When Is a Bad Time for Exterior Painting?

When Is a Bad Time for Exterior Painting?

When the cold weather is finally behind us and the world is turning green, outdoor projects suddenly jump to a prominent place on the to-do list. Springtime is an excellent season for exterior house painting here in the Washington, D.C. area, but are there any bad times to paint?

The ideal conditions for exterior painting are when the weather is dry, the days are mildly warm, and the humidity is moderate. This gives the perfect circumstances for the paint to cure.

That said, here are a few times when it is not a great idea to paint your home exterior.

Keeping Debris and Contaminants off Your Exterior Paint

Wet paint will trap all kinds of airborne materials if they come in contact with the newly-painted surface. This makes it more questionable to paint on windy days, when leaves, maple seeds, pollen, and similar materials float on the breeze.

Also, you probably don’t want to mow the grass right after painting the house. Likewise, if a nearby neighbor’s mowing could send clippings towards your new paint, you might want to have a neighborly chat about it beforehand!

Keep Your Exterior Paint Dry while It Dries!

Everyone knows you don’t paint the house exterior during a rainstorm. However, some people are unaware that you should not paint if the siding has gotten wet in the previous day or two. Additionally, it is best if you do your exterior house painting when there will be at least 24 hours of dry weather after the project is completed.

Cold Nights Can Be an Issue

Even when daytime temperatures are lovely, those cold nights can still catch us off guard! If the previous night was in the 40’s or below, you need to give the siding time to warm up before you start painting. Begin on the side of the house that gets morning sun exposure if you don’t want to wait as long. Also, check the forecast to see what the next night is supposed to be like. If it will drop much below 50 degrees, you may want to wait a little longer before you paint.

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