Cabinet Painting: It's Not Just for Kitchens Anymore!

 Cabinet Painting: It's Not Just for Kitchens Anymore!

If your bathroom is in need of an update, don't assume that paint is only for the walls! A skilled painter can also transform your bathroom cabinets, for far less than it would cost to replace them. Whether you have an outdated vanity, or other bathroom storage cabinets that need a new look, fresh paint works wonders!

What Are the Advantages of Painting Bathroom Cabinets?

Painting your bathroom cabinets allows you to get an entirely new look in your bathroom. When combined with painting the walls (and maybe even the ceiling), your bathroom can feel fresh and new, but for a fraction of the cost of renovating.

When you paint bathroom cabinets, you are not limited simply to changing the color. You can replace the hardware at the same time, adding an extra touch of class! With new hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls, you make the new bathroom truly shine!

Extra Tip: Light fixtures are another bathroom feature that can be fairly inexpensive and easy to replace, enhancing your new look even more!

In this photo you can see the transformation we worked in a D.C. area bathroom recently:

Can I Paint My Bathroom Cabinets Myself?

Painting cabinets is feasible for an experienced DIY veteran, but it is definitely not advisable for those with less expertise. In order for the paint to look great and last a long time, you need to follow a meticulous process and use just the right products:

  • Remove cabinet doors, drawer faces, hinges, knobs, and pulls
  • De-gloss the previous finish on the wood to ensure better paint adhesion (can be done by sanding or with chemicals)
  • Apply primer
  • Apply multiple thin coats of premium interior paint (preferably by spraying, not brush and roller)
  • Apply a protective clear coat
  • Reassemble cabinets and clean up

While it is definitely not rocket science, cabinet painting is a laborious process requiring skill and knowledge. Incorrect performance of any of these steps could easily lead to unsightly results and/or premature paint failure. You might want to let a professional handle it!

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