Can I Paint over Stained Wood?

 Can I Paint over Stained Wood?

Stained wood has a rich, warm, lovely feel to it, which looks gorgeous in a whole host of settings. However, sometimes, it just isn't the right fit. Maybe it is aged, maybe it is outdated, or maybe it simply doesn't gel with the style you want. What can you do? Can you paint over stained wood?

Yes! Fortunately, painting over stained wood is completely doable, as long as you use the right steps and products. Whether you are looking at kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity, an old bookshelf, a dresser, a kitchen island, or a table, it can be transformed to suit your desires!

How to Paint over Stained Wood

Stained wood nearly always has a protective finish of some kind, and this needs to be removed before painting can occur. While there are chemical products that can achieve this, most people choose to use sandpaper to scuff up the surface. As long as the glossiness is removed, your new paint can stick to it.

Whether you are using chemicals or sandpaper, be sure to follow all product label instructions and warnings. Chemical strippers can be hazardous, and sanding stained wood can potentially release harmful dust.

Once the glossy finish has been removed, thoroughly clean up any dust or chemical residue so that it doesn't get into your new coatings.

Always use a high-quality primer that is intended for bare wood. One coating should suffice. You can use a small foam roller tool to apply it to flat surfaces if you want, or use a high quality brush. You will need a brush anyways for contoured surfaces and detail work.

After the primer has dried, apply at least two coats of the color you want. Paints with more sheen (semi-gloss, for example) will have a greater resistance to wear and abrasion, so they make a good choice for many interior wood surfaces.

The final coat of paint now dry, it is a good idea to add one more protective top coat. Talk to the experts at your local paint store to find out what they recommend for your specific situation.

Williams Professional Painting

While the process of painting over stained wood might seem daunting, there is a shortcut that guarantees fantastic results: hire an experienced painting company! For homeowners in the Washington, D.C. region, Williams Professional Painting would be happy to help! For over 40 years, we have been transforming homes across northern Virginia and Maryland, including all kinds of stained wood surfaces.

We paint kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bookshelves, tables and chairs, wood stairs and rails, doors, and much more. Our customers trust us to perform beautiful, long-lasting transformations at an affordable price. See our portfolio for examples of our interior painting and other services.

Do you have any stained wood that you would like to have painted or refinished? We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Simply call our office, or use our online estimate request tool. We look forward to working with you!

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