Commercial Painting: the Right Kind of High!

 Commercial Painting: the Right Kind of High!

Commercial painting can take you all kinds of places here in the Washington, D.C. region, and sometimes, it provides quite a view! For example, we recently painted the steeple on this church in Arlington, Virginia, and it provided us with a grand vista (and what a day to enjoy it!).

While painting a church and working way up in the air gives a thrill and a spectacular view, it cannot be undertaken lightly. If you are hiring a company to paint the exterior of a tall structure, make sure you choose a commercial painter with the proper equipment, training, and legal compliance.

Aerial Lifts and Commercial Painting at Heights

It's not just church steeples that get commercial painters working at great heights. We also paint hospitals, condos, apartments, office buildings, banks, schools, factories... the list is nearly endless! For working on these kinds of tall structures, the proper equipment is essential.

At Williams Professional Painting, we make sure to have the proper equipment to do every job safely. The security of our painters and your personnel is our top priority, so we keep our aerial lift equipment in good working order, and maintain a proper array of ladders, harnesses, scaffolds, and other such equipment so that we can work safely in every situation.

Commercial Painter Training

It does not matter how much equipment you have, if your employees don't know how to use it. Commercial painting contractors need to invest regularly in training sessions, ensuring that every employee knows exactly what to do and what not to do with each piece of equipment. At Williams Professional Painting, even our most experienced painters get refresher courses and reminders to make sure we do each step correctly, each time.

Legal Issues with Aerial Commercial Painting

A wise facility manager would never hire a commercial painting company that has no licensing or insurance. However, when it comes to aerial painting, roof coatings, and other types of commercial painting at great heights, the importance of this is even greater!

Always make sure your commercial painter has local and state licensing to operate as a contractor. In addition, ask them about their liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance. If they cannot satisfy your questions on this front, don't bother calling them back.

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