Do I Have to Paint Interior Trim White?

 Do I Have to Paint Interior Trim White?

Sometimes a trend is only popular because no one has come up with something more creative yet. Other times, people all tend towards the same choice because it really is a great option. Which is the case with white interior trim? Do people paint their trim white because they aren't creative enough to think of something different? Or is white really the best interior paint color for trim?

There are many great paint color choices for your interior trim, and you are not at all limited to just white. On the other hand, there are many positive aspects to white trim, and it is a great choice for many homes.

Why White? In Defense of Painting Interior Trim White

While it may not seem like the most creative choice, white paint has many advantages on trim. First of all, it matches with pretty much everything! No matter what color you use on your walls, you can just about guarantee that white trim will go with it well.

Another advantage to white trim is that it provides a unifying effect between contrasting wall colors. For instance, if your hallway is beige and your living room is blue, having white trim in all of it will tie the two spaces together nicely.

Beyond these advantages, white is also a clean, fresh paint color. It provides a bright, crisp border to your walls, giving your rooms a sense of definition and distinction. White paint also tends visually to feel a bit farther away, giving an illusion of spaciousness to rooms that might otherwise feel a bit close.

What Other Options Are There for Trim Paint Color?

In recent years, gray and black have made significant inroads as trim colors in trendy homes. Black works well for trim when the walls are white or light gray. A silver-gray trim color is an excellent pair for white, cream, tan, or light blue.

Outside of the neutral options, you can also use different shades of the colors on your walls. For instance, a light blue wall could look great with a darker blue trim, or a creamy yellow can pair beautifully with a brighter yellow trim.

For a bolder look, you can use the color wheel to help choose your trim paint colors. For example, adjacent colors (those beside each other on the color wheel) make excellent partners. This means yellow can work great with green or orange. Red is a natural with orange or purple. Blue sits nicely beside purple and green.

If you are looking for an even higher-contrast option, go with complementary colors. These are colors that sit opposite from each other on the color wheel. Yellow and purple, red and green, and orange and blue are the basic complementary colors, though many other shades and hues can be found in between.

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