Exterior Commercial Painting Project: Park Canopy

 Exterior Commercial Painting Project: Park Canopy

As a commercial painting company in the Washington, D.C. area, we work for all kinds of employers, from schools to offices to medical facilities to retail stores. And sometimes, we work with city or county departments to do commercial painting for parks or public buildings. This recent commercial exterior painting project was for a large park in Alexandria.

As you can see, the shade structure for this picnic area was bright red, but the photo doesn't reveal the extent to which the paint had weathered and deteriorated. Before we applied that new, blue paint you see, we were careful to follow all the same steps we do for all of our residential and commercial exterior painting:

Clean the surfaces: Paint will not adhere well or live up to its normal life expectancy if there is dirt or other surface contamination in the way.

Surface preparation: Any loose or failing paint is scraped away, dry-rotted wood is replaced, and any bare wood is primed prior to painting.

Thorough protection: Just because our job was to paint a picnic area in a public park, doesn't mean we gave it any less attention or care than any other project. We thoroughly protected the picnic tables and concrete pad so that the blue paint would only show up on the intended surfaces.

Other Commercial Painting Projects

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Williams Professional Painting has provided commercial painting services for a wide array of clients. For example, we have painted churches, restaurants, medical offices, apartments, HOA's, condos, and much more, both in Alexandria, and throughout the Washington, D.C. region.

In addition to exterior painting, we offer interior painting, roof coatings, commercial flooring, commercial wallcovering services, and much more. Contact us for a consultation and estimate regarding property maintenance or commercial painting for your D.C. area facility.

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