Exterior Painting Tips for Selling Your Home

 Exterior Painting Tips for Selling Your Home

When you are getting ready to sell your home, there are many considerations to keep in mind. While many of those to-do items are important, one of the most vital things to do is to make a good first impression. Your exterior painting is going to be the first thing people see, whether they are browsing photos or coming to see the home. That is why your exterior house painting needs to be given a high priority!

Here are a few tips for how to paint your home exterior to maximize the selling potential.

Tip #1: Exterior Paint Should Look Fresh and Professional

The age and the quality of your exterior paint make a significant difference to prospective homebuyers. If the paint looks fresh, with consistent coloring and a clean appearance, it really stands out. On the other hand, paint that is showing signs of wearing or fading creates a negative impression very quickly.

Fresh paint will fail to impress anyone if it is poorly applied. While a slapped-on coat of paint can initially please the eye, it will not stand up to scrutiny. When the homebuyers see evidence of shoddy workmanship, it will undo any benefit of the painting. Those types of evidence could be...

  • Wavy or sloppy borders along edges and trim
  • Drips or runs in the new paint
  • Drops or splatters on non-painted surfaces
  • Paint on window glass or light fixtures
  • Dirt or debris on the painted surfaces that were simply painted over, rather than cleaned off prior to painting

A professional exterior paint job, by contrast, begins with a thorough cleaning, involves repairing any deteriorated surfaces, and produces clean lines, leaving no paint on other nearby surfaces.

Tip #2: Play It Safe with the Main Color

When you select the main color for the siding of your home, choose a neutral color that will appeal to many and offend nobody. This could be white, gray, tan, or beige. You could also go a little bit into colors like light blue or pale yellow. This way, the house is appealing, but not overwhelming.

Your trim color is a place to add variety and detail. If the home is white or gray, you could use black. With any other color siding, white is the most popular trim color. You can also use a darker version of the siding color (for example, pale blue walls with dark blue trim).

The place where you really get to be creative is in the final pops of color, the accents you include. This can be the front door, window shutters, and other small architectural details. Here is where you can go bold, with deep reds or inviting blues, with restful greens or even a mysterious black!

Tip #3: Focus on the Entryway

We just mentioned painting your front door a striking color. As you plan your exterior paint job, give special thought to your entry, to make it as welcoming as possible. While the whole exterior paint job forms the first impression, the doorway provides the transition from the exterior to the interior, and can make those steps feel inviting. Don't waste that opportunity!

Once you have chosen the door color, think about a few simple, tasteful decorative items that coordinate well with that color, and maybe include some potted plants.

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