Interior Painting Tips: Accent Walls

 Interior Painting Tips: Accent Walls

Have you ever had the urge to dye your hair, grow a beard, get a tattoo, or make some other drastic change to your appearance? While some of us are more adventurous in our impulses than others, everyone can relate to the desire for something fresh, new, or different. When it comes to interior house painting, a great way to fulfill that urge is with an accent wall.

For many good reasons, people tend to use calm or muted paint colors on most of their interior walls. This is because a whole room (or house) painted in a brilliant hue can be overbearing and intense. Accent walls allow you to add a burst of vibrant color, accentuating your home with fresh originality, without overwhelming the senses.

Choosing the Accent Wall when Painting Your Home Interior

When you plan to paint an accent wall in your home, the first thing to decide is which wall you want to do it on. One consideration is that you want it to be a self-contained wall. This means that it does not stretch beyond one room into a hallway or another connected space. If it does, you either need to create a line on the wall where the accent color stops, or allow the accent color to cross into the other room. Neither of these options is ideal.

Another factor to keep in mind is that an accent wall should be fairly symmetrical, rather than having irregular or unusual architecture to it. An accent wall is the most pleasing when it is a square or rectangle, minimally interrupted by doors or windows.

Finally, remember that the accent wall creates a focal point in the room, constantly drawing the eye. You want to make sure your choice of accent wall is one that makes sense as a focus of the room. Think about where people stand or sit when they are in that room, and choose a wall that would not make the room feel off-balance or distracting.

How to Choose an Accent Wall Paint Color

Deciding on the paint color for your accent wall is the really fun part! If your other walls are a neutral tone, you can choose just about any accent color without clashing. Just keep in mind the furniture and decorations you have in the room, and make sure to coordinate your accent wall accordingly.

If you are looking for a spunky, modern vibe, you could go with something bright and eclectic. Consider lime green, electric blue, vibrant purple, pumpkin orange, or other similarly energetic colors.

On the other hand, you could take the accent wall in a moody direction, with a deep green, a navy blue, a rich crimson, or even night-sky black!

For a more stately appearance, try a leathery brown or a dark, bluish gray.

A great way to get accent wall paint color ideas is by doing an image search online. That is a quick way to browse a near infinity of options, so that you can narrow it down to the ones you like best.

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