Interior Painting Tips for a Small Bathroom

 Interior Painting Tips for a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom is not generally a place of drama or intrigue, of productivity or visiting, of relaxing or entertaining. Nevertheless, it is a place where we regularly spend time, and a place our guests use, so we want it to be as pleasant a place as possible! A small space does not mean there is no room for being creative, so let's take a look at some interior painting ideas for when you are painting a small bathroom here in the Washington, D.C. area.

There are two main considerations when you are planning the paint for a small bathroom: the small size and the need for cleanliness. Each of these factors has implications for your interior paint color choices.

Size Matters: Interior Painting for a Small Bathroom

A typical small bathroom is quite a confined space, and the colors you choose can either emphasize or minimize that feeling. There are three ways that you can use interior paint to make a small bathroom (or any small room, in fact) feel less closed in.

  • Use light colors. Darker hues feel closer and more intrusive, so that the walls feel like they are nearer than they actually are. Lighter colors provide the opposite effect, making you feel like the walls are farther away and the room has more space.
  • Keep designs simple. If you have many colors, patterns, and decorations in a small space, it causes the occupant(s) to feel more crowded, like the room is full and busy. A simple interior paint plan is more peaceful and feels more spacious.
  • Use muted colors. Interior paint colors that are very strong (vibrant yellow, lime green, construction orange...) jump off the wall, similarly to dark colors, making the space feel tighter and more overwhelming. Subtler colors (buttercup yellow, mint green, burnt orange) tone down this effect.

Keep it Clean: Painting in Bathrooms

We know, of course, that when it comes to a bathroom, the actual sanitation of the space is more important than the appearance of cleanliness. Ideally, however, you want both!

Your interior paint choices can have an impact on your ability to keep a bathroom clean, not so much in the color choices, but more in the type of paint you choose. You definitely want a mold/mildew resistant paint, and a scrubbable finish is a must! Some interior paint manufacturers offer paints that are specifically designed for bathrooms and have these qualities. However, just because a paint can doesn't mention bathrooms, doesn't mean it is unsuitable. Here are a couple of things you can look for:

Mold/Mildew resistance: Often, a can of interior house paint will say that it is antimicrobial, or that it contains additives that resist fungal growth such as mold and mildew. This is a great product for any areas where moisture is frequent.

Satin or Semi-gloss sheen: These two types of finishes are tougher than flat, matte, or eggshell finishes, so they hold up better to washing or scrubbing. Also, they have a more water-resistant surface, so stains and moisture cannot soak in as readily.

Scrubbable: Some paint manufacturers offer lower sheen paints (flat, matte, eggshell) in a special formula that holds up better to scrubbing. If you want a less reflective paint in your bathroom, make sure it is still scrubbable.

In addition to the actual cleanliness of the bathroom, the appearance of cleanliness is also significant. Lighter neutral colors such as white, gray and beige are helpful with this effect.

Can I Use More Than One Color?

As mentioned above, you do not want too many colors or complicated designs in a small space. Nevertheless, you can have two different interior paint colors in your bathroom, even if it is small. One way to do this is with an accent wall. Choose a simple, subtle color for three of the bathroom walls, and then use a more distinct, attention-grabbing color on the fourth wall. This is simple enough to not feel overwhelming, but adds more interest to the bathroom.

Another option is to have the lower portion of the wall one color, and a different color above. Typically, a piece of white trim would serve as the border between the two sections. In a bathroom, it would be more common to use white on the lower portion of the wall, and a different color on the upper.

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