Should I Install Crown Molding?

 Should I Install Crown Molding?

Crown molding is aptly named. It is an extra adornment that adds a sense of elegance, style, and formality to a room. This type of molding can help make the difference between mundane and magnificent! Is crown molding right for every room or every house? Probably not. However, when it is correctly installed in places where it belongs, the room really looks great! But how do you know? How do you decide whether to install crown molding in your Washington, D.C. area home?

One question to consider is the architectural style of the space, and another is the atmosphere you want to create. Let's take a look at both of these questions.

Will Crown Molding Work in this Room?

Eye catching and attractive, crown molding is always drawing attention upwards. It accents the shape of the room, especially the edges of the ceiling. This works best in a room with a fairly simple outline. If the ceiling has an irregular or complicated shape to it, crown molding could end up looking a bit too chaotic.

Likewise, if you have built-in shelves, a fireplace, or other features that either touch or approach the ceiling, this could interfere with the look of crown molding. Just one such interruption might not detract from the effect, but too much interruption could do so.

The condition of your ceiling is also a good question to consider. Crown molding works best with a smooth, even ceiling. If you have popcorn texture, or an aging plaster ceiling with cracks or waviness, it is difficult to make crown molding look finished and attractive.

Finally, the overall architectural style of the house is an important consideration. Crown molding works best in colonial style homes, but might feel out of place in a rancher or a southwestern style house. Here in the D.C. area, including suburban Maryland and northern Virginia, the colonial style is very common, with lots of two-story homes, brick exteriors, pillared porches, and so on. As a Washington, D.C. painting company, we see and work in many homes that would benefit from crown molding installation.

Will Crown Molding Fit the Style I Want in This Room?

As we mentioned earlier, crown molding has a sense of formality to it. For example, it is much more fitting in a sitting room than in a TV and game room. Crown molding gives a sense of stability, elegance, and tradition. If you lean towards the free-spirited, eclectic, offbeat vibe, you might not want to install crown molding, at least in rooms with that emphasis.

Can I Install Crown Molding in a Kitchen?

Kitchens can be a tough call in regards to crown molding, and interior designers will probably give you conflicting opinions about this. If your cabinets reach the ceiling, or if they come very close, this might rule out crown molding for you. Also, if it is an open-concept kitchen, it might not work well to put in crown molding, since it would have to run continuously into the adjoining spaces.

That said, many spectacular kitchens have lovely crown molding that adds grace and sophistication to the room, and your D.C. area home could be one of these! Especially if you have high ceilings and the kitchen does not flow seamlessly into another room, give it a try!

Crown Molding Installation Contractor

Crown molding only provides its intended benefits when it is properly installed. If the joints are uneven, the corners have gaps, and unsightly nail holes abound, you will probably regret your choice. On the other hand, professional installation of crown molding ensures a classy, elegant, lasting appearance that you and your guests will appreciate for years to come!

Williams Professional Painting is happy to provide crown molding installation services to northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and suburban Maryland. In addition to crown, we also install wainscoting, chair rail, baseboards, and other carpentry items. Of course, we also offer exceptional painting services, including interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, and much more.

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